Tuesday, October 05, 2010

WOW what a day~!

This morning I took a boat load of Ben's baby clothes and toys to a gal that lives in Coggon, Iowa.. She is just a young gal who is going to have twins in 6 weeks.. She was so overwhelmed when she saw all the things I brought her. She couldn't thank me enough.. I was so glad that I had seen her notice on the bullitin board where Ben goes to Pre-School.. She said that her and her husband didn't have a lot of money and they were just hoping that someone saw the notice. So it felt good to find a home for a huge amount of clothes and the baby toys, I took her for these two boys that will be born .
I went to the grocery store and got a few groceries and Dave's prescription. Yikes~! $134 for a drug called Lipitor.. That is one expensive medication. I think it's for his blood pressure.
I worked on Tracie's garage again and then at 4 I picked up Ben at day-care.. He was so happy to see me.. He ran into my arms.. I just love that feeling. We went to his house and played outside.. When cleaning out the garage I put all the toys I found in one area on a tarp . It was like Christmas to him, he sat and played with all those toys.. When raising my 4 kids I would every 6 months take 1/2 their toys and put them away. Well, when I brought the toys back that I had put away they thought they had new toys. I kept rotating them and it worked wonderful.
Tracie came home at 5 and while Ben played with his newly found toys we worked on the garage. By 7 we had 1/2 the garage emptied and decided to move anything that was on the south side over to the north side..Then we put the boxes back into the garage that we had gone through and put them on the empty south side.. Now tomorrow when I go back I can work on the North side boxes and Da Ta I'm done.. Her friends are coming over Friday evening and the renter has agreed to let Tracie use a bedroom in the upstairs of the house she is living in to store these boxes.. Her friends are going to help her carry them to this room.. Yeah~! I won't have to do that.. I'm so happy to get this project finished.. Now she will be able to get her car in the garage when cold weather comes...Now that we have a garage there is nothing better than going out to get in your car and you don't have to scrape away the ice or snow..
After we had supper~ Tracie gave Ben his bath and then we played a board game with him.. Thomas the Train.. He loves it and he loves to win... Tracie went to her bedroom to study for her school work and Ben and I played Super Nindento.. Oh my goodness I can't believe how good he is ~ only 3 1/2.. He has now started sharing and letting me have a turn.. That is good. Time for bed , he went right to sleep he was very tired.. It was easy tonight..
Ta Ta For Now~!~!


rex22lbs said...

So glad someone else will be able to use Bennie's old clothes and toys. I'm glad you guys are getting through Tracie's stuff. It's always nice to be organized. FYI, Lipitor is for Dad's high Cholesterol. Keep up the good work. At this pace you will have everything organized and cleaned and you can sleep through the winter months. YEAH!!!!

Dawn said...

That was always a lifesaver for me- getting someones clothes to use!
What a happy day for her- and you:)