Monday, October 04, 2010

Hi GranAnnie~ I'm really high in the tree~!

Tracie , Ben and I were out in the yard and he wanted to get into this tree. So with the help of Mom he sat on top of this branch and was so happy.. First he is the king of the rock pile and now he is high in the tree.. This boy has no fear.. Told Tracie look out ~ we would have to get a ladder to get him out when he gets to the top.. But maybe not, when Tracie was a little girl she would always climb up big tall trees and was able to get down herself.. Monkey's must run in this family.

Here he is investigating an old chicken's leaning really bad and almost ready to fall down..
We played Thomas the Train. His favorite train right now is "Hero".. I bought him a bunch of learn to read books about all the trains that is in Sodor.. He loves to sit and listen to me reading. I'm trying to teach him some words so he can learn how to read himself.. He is learning slowly..
This morning has been a slow morning.. Got up at 6 to watch the Ryder Cup Golf match..U.S.A. lost by 1 point.. It was a good match and I enjoyed seeing Zach Johnson from Iowa play a good game. It will be in the U.S. in two years.
Got all my sewing things off the porch that is next to the kitchen.. It's not heated and needed to go back into the sewing room upstairs. Lug ~ lug~lug.. IT's all back upstairs and I put everything away, since I worked so hard getting it cleaned out and then put back in order..Now I need to work on the porch and clean a few things out of there..Goodwill here we come...
It's a beautiful morning and I think I'm going to go outside after lunch and clean out the vegetable garden and then pull the weeds in the perieniel garden.. Lots to do out there especially with cold weather coming on someday.. Get all my hummingbird feeders put away and lawn ornaments .. Haven't seen any hummers for a week now so I guess they are all headed south.. Long journey for those small birds. The snowbirds have been here for a few days.. The Junco's..they are the first winter bird to show up.. My hubby calls them the glorified sparrow.. I said 'No way"... they are a nice bird and they eat the food that drops to the ground.
Guess I better get busy.. Ta Ta For Now..

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rex22lbs said...

Bennie is sooooo cute. I love him in the tree. I put my hummingbird feeder away the other day also and I think the Juncos are cute. Good Job getting everything ready for winter. Mark and I are starting to paint the outside of the 6-plex a medium gray. Need to get that done before the snow flies.