Thursday, February 06, 2014

Happy Birthday~! I'm 1/2 way to 140~!~!

 Yesterday was my birthday~!
I love my birthdays~!
I sat in my pj's all day answered the phone with my family calling and wishing me a splendid day.  I had a virus on my computer and the man I was talking to that was going to fix my computer ~ I told him it was my birthday and he wished me a Happy Day..He laughed when I told him my age.  I did my Bible Study and looked at the birds outside my window.. Baby it's cold outside but it's sunny and pretty white with snow..
    I had a (total) of 18 male and female Cardinals come to the lilac bush and show off all their beauty with the snow in the back ground.. right outside my window.. What a marvelous sight that was to see..Won't be long and Mr. Cardinal is going to be singing love songs to Mrs. Cardinal.. Music to my ears~!  
Then I had to get dressed..My friend Holly came and got me with a van full of some of my friends and took me to dinner at Zeppelins's  Restaurant. They told me to order whatever I wanted.. and I did.. It was an awesome evening with laughter and friends sharing lots of birthday wishes..  This year I'm 1/2 to 140... I love telling my age this way.. It makes people do the math..ha ha...:)
You can't have a birthday without dessert.. So here is a Chocolate brownie with whipped cream and ice cream and a smackling of nuts..  IT was so good and the evening was ended with much sweetness~! 
Needless to say I had a great time.. Thanking God for Birthdays and knowing that God is able to provide me with every blessing in abundance...   I love my family and friends and a day wouldn't go past that I don't appreciate them all..  ~!~!
Have a Tiggeriffic Day ~~~ta ta for now from Iowa:)

Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Ben in a play "Tacky the Penguin".

Last Friday Ben and his friend Grant were in a play. Ben was narrator 3 and his friend was narrator 1.. They both did a great job~!  It was a really cute play.. The kids in his classroom (14) were dressed like penguins and it was so cute to see them preform.. or is it perform..
It was a great time for parents to see their children doing a play about penguins. Ben and Grant did a wonderful job reading all those words.. Some big and some short and some very hard for a 1st grader to read.But these boys are at the top of their reading groups ~ no problem for them.

      Snow storm last night.. We have 4 inches.. I went out this morning and shoveled a path to the bird feeder and got their feeders filled.. They were munching while I was filling the feeders.. They were hungry little birds. I also got the cement pad in front of garage cleared of snow and then came into the house.. I was chilly.. It was 12 degrees and wind chill factor was -9.. I poured my coffee and came into my room where my computer is located...Turned on my computer and there was WARNING ~! WARNING~!  on the screen.. I had a major virus.. So I called our Secure It virus protector and they took over my computer with my permission and 3 hours later they had it fixed..  Thank you Secure It~!   
     Today is my birthday..I'm 1/2 way to 140... Doesn't seem possible that I'm that old.. I don't feel that old..which is actually very good.  I just wonder where did all those years went.. It's a great day...I love my birthday..~!  My bible study girls are taking me out for supper tonight. Zeppelins.. Not sure where that Restaurant  is but it's going to be a happy time to be with these girls..I made them some hearts.. Ben and I and his mom Tracie has been working on these hearts.  Take wax paper..a potato peeler and a hot iron.. and crayons.  peel some of the crayon onto the wax paper fold paper in half and go over the paper with a hot iron and the crayons melt..  After this cools I cut the paper into a heart shape...  they are so cool.. This is going to be Ben's valentines to give to his kids in his class.. and I'm going to give to my girl friends for my birthday~!  
        Early out for school kids today..  some schools cancelled.. Our school had a late start and a early dismissal..  Only 4 hours of school today... This way we can have last day be in late May... and not have to go into June... Snow and cold bitter temperatures have been a long battle for us this year.. Don't mind the snow as Iowa needs all the moisture it can get.  We were in the beginning of a dought last fall.
      You all have a Tiggeriffic Day~!  ta ta for now from Iowa:)