Saturday, October 30, 2010

It was a beautiful Saturday~!

Went over to Tracie's house today to play with Ben so she could study . He first put on the table two things he really loves... Nibbles and his new lego truck that he made yesterday..

He wanted to take his trains outside SOOO he has this tonka piece of carpeting and he put that out on the sidewalk first.. then I gave him the green basket to carry all his trains,tracks and anything else outside.. He is one happy boy..He has his blue sock on over his cast so it keeps out the dirt. It was such a beautiful day out today it would be a shame to stay inside. While we were outside I had him help me wash some of the windows . We used the safety ladder and he climbed up that ladder and sprayed the window cleaner and then took a paper towel to clean and dry the window.. He loved it~! I wish I had taken at least one picture. He was so proud of himself.. Of course, GranAnnie helped him with the windows..
Now he has his train track all set up and the different tunnels ect. HE even has a ferris wheel that the trains get onto and go around one time and off they go on to the track.. He must of played by himself for at least 1/2 hour by himself.. He had a great time.

He found a wooly worm and was so afraid of it.. I picked up the worm and convinced him to hold it in his hand.. He trusted me and here he is holding the wooly worm... He put it on the grass and it crawled away.. He thought this worm was pretty nice after he found out it wouldn't bite him.
We had a great day and now I'm home. Hope you all had a great Saturday... ta ta for now from Iowa.

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rex22lbs said...

What a boy! He is too cute. I love that he wants to play outside. He has always loved being outside even in the snow. Great pics! Big hug to Ben!