Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Rainy Day~!

Oh I like rainy days~! You can stay inside and play. Today I looked up Piliated woodpecker on the internet and up came the big bird. 16.5" wing span 29" weighs 10 oz. That's a pretty big bird. Considering a Cardinal weighs 1.6 oz.

My daugter, Tracie and I went geocaching (www.geocaching.com) in our area last Sunday. In the woods I heard this LOUD pounding sound. Tracie said "What was that?" I told her it had to be the Piliated Woodpecker. It sounded like a hammer hitting a metal building. We looked toward the noise and sure enough there was the big bird getting bugs from the trees. Did you know that these birds tongues wrap around their brains so they don't come loose? Picture this : they lose their tongues they lose their brains. Oh my. Not good.

Had a great time reading and looking at all the pictures that are posted for the piliated woodpecker.

Sunday, January 15, 2006

I'm back blogging

Well here it is 15 of January.. Where is the time going? Just yesterday it was "Happy New Year".. Jan 1, 1906.
Today I went out to feed my birds.. Yikes~! they were hungry. I have a peanut feeder and the woodpeckers were sitting on the branch waiting for breakfast. I have a suet log for them and yesterday I filled it for them with the peanut plugs. Oh my, they were very very happy. Thank goodness Mrs. Squirrel hasn't found this feeder. Hope they can't get on the wire that the feeder is attached to. When you have squirrel's ~one must give up when trying to get them not to eat the birds food. Just feed them and make them happy.
A mouse got in the trap under my sink this morning. I threw it out into my yard and Mr. Red Tail Hawk came swooping down and picked up the mouse with his mighty talons. Oh that was so cool. Yes, I know ~beware they like songbirds too.
The weather here is very mild.. 45 degrees today. That is too warm for winter in Iowa. I think it was warmer here today than it was in South Carolina. It is light jacket weather.
Ta Ta For Now~!