Thursday, October 14, 2010

Rich and Lisa and family

Rich and Lisa and children came for a visit on Friday evening. I was so excited to see them.. Rich has three children,John,Kelly,Emily and Lisa has one,,Sophia age 5.. They came in the door about 10 p.m. and directly went to bed.. The next morning I hid their breakfast outside in plastic bags and labled each child's name on the bag. They had to go on a savenger hunt to find their breakfast.. Yeah~! for Rich,Lisa,Grandpa Dave and me..we got to drink our coffee for 15 minutes in peace. It was wonderful~!

This is Rich and Lisa... early morning Saturday.. Sunrise is just coming up. On Sunday after church 10/10/10 he went to the cache site that is on our farm and put a diamond ring in the cache.. Lisa had never gone geocaching before ~ so this was something new for her.
He took her to the geocache called "Zippity-do-dah" It's a bluebird house. GC1AQRF That is the cache number in case you want to go take a look. She found the cache ~ opened it up and found a Tiffany Ring Box.. oh my she was so excited.. She opened it up and it had a diamond ring inside.. Rich asked her to marry him and of course ~ she said "YES".. How romantic is that... We were all excited.. The kids were screaming with joy. Well, at least the girls.. John was surprised.. So then all the questions started flying ~~when is the wedding,, can I be the flower girl, are we going to build a bigger house , can I be the best man, So out came the paper with all the questions..I thought that was a really great idea.. That way Rich and Lisa didn't have to give them answers right away.. We are all happy and can hardly wait for the big day..There's a wedding to be planned.. Of course Kelly wants to be the wedding planner.. She is 11.. Lisa told her to google bridesmaid dresses and her and Sophia went and looked at all the dresses.. Oh such fun~!

Emily and I on Saturday morning got busy and made the pies.. Kelly and Sophia were with us for awhile. They cut up the apples. We made apple and cherry pies.. We had so much fun. Emily loved the flour. She had it all over her face and hands.
They smelled so good baking.. Glad we made them. Haven't had pie in such a long time. I used Splenda in the apple pie and it tasted good and came out O.K.
It was a great week-end filled with so much to do.. Dave gave them rides on the John Deere 530... I let John age 13 drive the Chevy truck..He was so nervous. He had never started a vehicle let alone drive one. I let him drive it in the driveway.. I told him I taught all my kids how to drive (4) and I could teach him. But he had to listen and do exactly what I said.. Of course the answer was "Yes". First thing he did was put his foot hard on the gas and then I said "Stop" and he put his foot hard on the brake petal.. He said "GranAnnie, my heart is beating fast"> I said 'Yes, it is, but it's O.K."... Now relax and just ease your foot onto the gas pedal and he did and it was a much better take off.. Good thing we have a fairly long driveway. The brake was still a bit too hard,,but he got the hang of it after awhile.. So for the first lesson ~ we didn't hit the shed, a tree or the house... Whew~! New drivers have to learn so much.. I wish he lived closer. Here in Iowa one can get their drivers permit at 14.. It's just a license to get them from school to home or work.. It's for the farm kids.. well at least that is the way it was when my kids were growing up. After my kids got their permit they drove the car wherever we went. A little nerve racking but how else are they going to learn..
We had a great time while they were here and now they are home and I miss them so..
Beautiful day today and sunny.. Going outside to work on flower garden.. If I don't get to it before it gets cold ~ I will regret it for next Spring...double the work...
Ta Ta For Now....


Home In The Hollow said...

I still have goosepumps over that story, Annie!...not from he pies...from the engagement!!!...:)JP

Tiggeriffic said...

Yes, I was excited with the engagement.. Rich is such a lover of surprises and he has such a caring heart.

rex22lbs said...

What a great weekend! Good job Emily helping with the pies. She looks like a natural.

Carolina Trekker said...

You are a wonderful Grandmother. I am so happy for all of you. Rich and Lisa are precious together.