Thursday, September 30, 2010

Say Cheese~!

Picked up Ben yesterday at Pre-School. We stopped at Waltz'n Meadows to see the Boar Goats.. Barb has lots of them.. As you can see the sun was bright and Ben did his best by looking at the camera and saying "Cheese".. Lol.. Barb called me and said that one of her goats had twins. SO Ben and I will have to stop by on our way home this afternoon to take a look..

Looks like he is putting this piece of grass up the poor goats nose.. Barb has all these goats named and I'm sure this goat didn't mind Ben doing this as the goat ate the grass. Ewww burger grass..
One of the goats has pnemonia and coughs a lot.. Ben said "Goat needs some medicine..he has a bad cough". We had a lot of fun looking and feeding grass to all the goats. I think living in the country has it's advantages..
Beautiful sunny day here in Iowa.. suppose to be 65.. That will be nice and with the sun to give the day warmth it will feel good to be outside.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

What did you do to my hotdog Mom?

My daughter sent me this picture of Ben..with his hot dog? Poor guy.. He likes his hotdogs cut a certain way and this is not it~! She said it was suppose to be a shape of a octopus.. I laughed.. It looks like two legs... Well, Ben didn't like it and said "No Octopus for me".. Silly boy.
The weather is so nice 60 degrees this morning and sunny.. Inspiration of cleaning the house after the 3 days of cleaning out the sewing room. Goodwill was happy~ My sister and brother are going to be happy when they receive 5 big boxes in a few days~ and I'm happy.. I can now see my sewing room and can feel like I can sew again.. I have quilts just waiting to be made.. Plus everytime I go to "Crazy As A" and see her new potholder loom that I want and now I have a spot in this room where it could go easily.
First things first.. it's time to remove the wax on my kitchen/washroom/bathroom floors and then put on the new wax.. It's been needing this attention for along time. I bought the wax yesterday.. Did you know that Wallmart, Hy-Vee (local grocery store) or even Amway does not carry floor finshes ? So I went to a local store in Marion (Marion Brush) that services schools and offices and bought some floor finish for these floors, plus the wax remover. Since I was head custodian at the Springville Schools for 15 years I know how to do this project. So soon and very soon I'll get started on these floors and make them beautiful and shiny again..
Dave is off golfing this morning and it's time to get dressed and get things dusted, vacumned. I need to wash the windows in the living room and take off the screens and store them.. I like to take off the screens in the downstairs of my house to let in the sunshine in the fall/winter season.
It just makes your house brighter.. Don't know where this extra energy is coming from but I best move with it while it's with me. I have so much to accomplish and then I can settle down to sewing...
Pick up Ben at 4 today and then have a great time playing with him... No octopus hotdogs~!
Gal up the road that has boar goats just wrote on facebook her goat had twins.. So I will stop in and let Ben see those baby goats.. He loves them... When we get home here I warned Dave that Ben will be wanting a ride on his favorite John Deere Tractor the ole "A".. and then on the J.D. 530.. I think Ben will want something to do with farming when he gets older. He already loves it so far.. Especially the rides on the big big tractors and combine.
Best get busy ~ the morning is going fast and I best get dressed and onto the chores. Work today and play tomorrow... Yeah~! I like the play part...
Ta Ta For Now~!~!~!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Fall is really here~!

The Sedum is in bloom and the glass ball is reflecting the sun starting to set. Still blue skies with a hint of pink on them from the sun.. The air is fresh and a little chilly..57 degrees.

Have been cleaning out the sewing room. Second day working on all that stuff> Boxes for Goodwill ~ Boxes to send to my sister & brother since they can still do cross stitch and needle point. then bags and bags of stuff going to the burn barrel.. We can still burn here in the land of Iowa. At least in the country.. Tomorrow morning I'm going to go to Post Office and then off to Goodwill. Come home and finish up getting things settled in the sewing room and then I plan on getting a project started with quilting. It will be so much nicer working in this room with everything looking better.

Went out to my garden to look at my pumpkins.. My oh My I have a huge one growing... Ben is all excited ~~ he calls this one "MINE"> He wants to take it home.. Next time he comes I'll take it over to his house.

This evening I caught my first mouse in the trap under my kitchen sink.. Yikes~! he smelled bad. So Fall is really here~!

I found three more pumpkins that are growing rapidly.. They are so beautiful laying along side the green leaves. This pumpkin patch is only from one seed..that I planted in the ground this spring. With all this rain we have gotten this summer ~ the pumpkins have done well.
Am excited this evening.. Amazing Race is beginning it's season. I don't watch much TV > but this is one show I do watch. Should be lots of fun~!
Must run~! Ta Ta For now...

Friday, September 24, 2010

WOW..such a change in the weather.

Here's Ben happy as a lark sitting in his car seat... picture a little blurry.. it was my phone camera. We are going to his house to play games...
Rain, Rain, Rain...yesterday another inch of rain and today it's cloudy with the look of rain again. It's 54 degrees ~ so all is right with the fall forcast.. 4 inches of rain in one week..

Ben came over last night and was as mad as a wet hen...The renter of our farm combined the back field behind our house with out Ben.. He kept say'ing "Put the corn back up".. Being 3 1/2 he has no understanding on how it really is with the corn.. Once it's harvested ~ it's gone. Poor guy, he was having a really hard time. He got to ride on the combine in the other field and was looking forward to doing the field behind the house. I told him next time he comes, we will call and see where they are combining and he could get another ride.. He was still out of sorts,,
"put the corn back up"...

Husband must of gotten up on the wrong side of bed this morning.. WOW~! He is having a lot of issues this morning with the weather and how things are going in the house. The wall phone (land line) broke and not working correctly in it's ringing into the house.. I told him I called the phone Co. to have them come out and take a look. I would really rather get rid of our landline and just use our cell phones.. But he says the cell phone is too hard for him to hold.. Do they make BIG cell phones? Going to town this morning and see if I can buy another wall/message phone.. I bought one through Amazon,com and Yikes it came yesterday... The receiver won't stay on the wall phone. So have to send it back today..

Had a good time with Ben last night ~ took him to his house after supper and we played two games.. Cootie , which he loved and a board game ~ Hi Ho cherry-o~!.. We played several games and he was so happy. He won them all.. He was high fying and dancing all around the kitchen.. When it was time for a healthy snack ~ I got out the child's knife I bought from Pampered Chef and we cut up carrots, grapes, bananas and cheese.. He loved that~! Thanks to pampered chef Ben can do it himself with cutting up things. HE is in that mood with everything. "I do it myself".. PLUS he has just started with the question "Why" .. Last night his question was "Why does God make it rain">>>> didn't matter what I answered it was always "Why"... I knew this stage was coming because I experienced this with raising my 4 children.. So now we are in the "Why " stage... Can you just say 'Because I said SO">>>>> He will be with his Dad tonight until next Wednesday.. and then I'll see him again.

Going to Kalona with my friend this morning after shopping for a wall / message phone. She wants to go and buy some spices and other things while there.. I'm just going there for the ride.

IT's a amish/minnonite community.. I like to go and look at all the quiilt shops..

Have a great Friday everyone... Ta Ta For Now...

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Spectactular Sunset~!

Started another project today. I have wanted to learn how to draw ~ so today I got out all my supplies and got started.. This is my daughter ~Jodie and she is holding grandson Ben. So far I have Jodie's arm drawn and part of her shirt and Ben's arm.. We'll see how it goes. While in Pa. my husband's niece ~ Nora gave me a few pointers on what to do and now it's just doing it.. I also bought this book at Hobby Lobby called Complete book of Drawing. That should help me a lot. I'll post it when I'm finished.. It should be a fun project. I have never tried drawing before and have always wanted to do this.. So here it goes~!

This evening while over to Tracie's house the sun was setting.. It was spectactular~! I only had my phone to take the picture. Wish I would of had my good camera. But the moment was there and I didn't want to miss it. The sun was so bright it almost made the sky look like it was on fire. Going to be foggy tomorrow morning . Probably delay of schools for the area.
The corn is gone now and the field looks so bare. The farmers in the area are out in full swing getting the crops harvested. It's that time of year. The air smells of corn being combined, and of dirt. I love fall, the air has such a crisp fresh smell and no humidity.. That in itself is great~! It was good to finally turn off the AC. open the windows and let the fresh air come into the house.
I am reading John C. Maxell book called Encouragement ~ Changes everything. On this one page it says Life ia a great obstacle course, with bends and turns, wins and losses. When you get to the high jump, always remember to throw your heart over the bar---and the rest will follow.. Michele Leonard wrote this.. I have to chuckle.. when I throw my heart over the bar and the rest will follow,,Kerplunk~!~!

More pictures of the view from brother Leroy's house.

One has to wonder in God's world how it could get more beautiful than this. I could of sat here all morning and watched the sun come up. There is so much to see in this country that is so beautiful ~ one could not see it all in their life time... Everytime I go to my brothers house in Ohio I just love to sit and watch this lake.. It has so many birds that come and go, BIG fish jumping out of the water. Wild ducks with their babies. He even has a ground hog that comes up to the bird feeders.. He is big~! God is good ~ All the time~!~!

The view from my brother,Leroy's house

While in Ohio at my brothers, Leroy's house this is the view that he gets every morning.. The sun is rising and the moisture is coming off the lake.. It was so beautiful. I hated to leave. He has lots of birds that come to his place. Every morning he takes a small bag of potato chips and feeds the ducks.. He said in the spring he had many purple martins come to his purple martin birdhouse.. This large grey heron comes every evening and perches on the end of his boat and sleeps there for the night.. This morning he was all hunched over until he saw me and he raised his head.. Off he flew to find his breakfast.

Today I need to go up and clean out my sewing room.. It's just a mess. I have decided to take everything out and sort it and only put back what I want.. I'm not doing cross-stitch anymore so off it goes to another home, the books, the aida cloth, all the accessories ~ out ~ out ~ out. I have a lot of neddlepoint projects that my brother sent me and now that he is living in South Carolina now I'm going to mail it all back to him...
I have been very busy reading all the blogs I follow. It's so interesting to read them all.. Very time consuming..but enjoyable.

David Martin rents our 40 acres and last night the big combine came with the wagons and semi-truck.. All the corn has been harvested and everything is gone this morning. The field looks so bare and now I can see for miles again. Won't be long ~ we will start seeing pheasants ~ deer ~ turkey and hopefully the quail will be back.. I love to hear it's song "Bob White"....

Time to get started on the day..Yikes~! It's almost noon and all I have done this morning since 9 a.m. is sit and look at all the blogs.. Thanks to all who post a blog ~ it's so enjoyable reading them. Sometimes it's better than a book..
Have a great Tuesday~!~!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Ben working on puzzles~!

Ben is working on floor puzzles. He did such a great job.. He said "GranAnnie ~ these puzzles are huge..and I like them.

Ben took this picture of Tracie, Rocco and Me..I thought it was pretty good ~ except he didn't quite get me. Too bad.. This is a good picture.

Here is the John Deere puzzle. The tires were the hardest part but he mastered it with lots of concentration.

He really liked this one.. Farming I think is going to be part of his life..

I can't believe he was able to put this one together all by himself.. I was the cheerleader ~ I cheered him on..He liked that and we did lots of high 5's..

Ben is so excited~! He gets to go on the combine~!

Ben was so excited he got to ride in the combine last week..

He took this picture with my camera. He loved looking at all the corn going into the hopper of the combine.

Another picture that Ben took: Combine unloading corn unto the big huge wagon.. He loved it~!
His eyes got really big when he saw all this corn unload out of the combine.

Here's the combine Ben got to ride in for a couple hours. We had a great time...~! He is getting to be very good at taking pictures with my camera.. I need to get him his own, he loves to take pictures.