Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wednesday and very windy day~!

Don't know if you can see the difference...this is the lilac tree right outside my window where my computer is~ it's almost leafless. First picture is when the wind started, the 2nd picture is two days after the wind attacked it. We have had this endless wind since Monday night and it has not let up. We have huge limbs scattered around the yard.. the cornstalks are blowing into the yard from the cornfield. The poor birds are crash landing on the bird feeders just to get food. While they are on the feeders it's swinging madly back and forth. It's a struggle for them.. I went out to get the mail a minute ago and goodness to be if it didn't escape my arms and I had to chase after it across the road. Good thing the neighbor has a fence across their property, it was fastened to the barb wire fence. I got to the house and couldn't get back in the back door, wind way too strong. SO I went to the front door and knocked on the door for hubby to let me inside.. He says "What are you doing?" It's just too windy to use the back door.

It's 47 degrees outside and a bit chilly. Talked with my son that lives in Chicago and he said they have no electricity and it's very cold and windy there too. Hard to drive your car down the road.

Here is the picture of the same tree today.. The sun was shining this morning ~ still windy and still cold..
It would be a great day to fly a kite if one had the strength to hold onto the string..
Have been reading a good book most of the day.. Sandra Dallas wrote this book called Prayers For Sale.. Her books always relate around someone in the story that quilts. The story is in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado.. So far it's really good.
Almost time to pick up Ben at day-care. I have lots of projects we are going to work on thanks to some gals in my blogging world..
Such fun Ben and I have with these craft projects.. Daughter Tracie goes to her massage school tonight and tomorrow night.. So it's great~ Ben and I get to spend some time together. Making things and playing games. I made lasagna for supper, taking some of it over to Tracie's house for our supper. it smells so good. Have a great Wednesday ~~ Ta Ta For Now...


rex22lbs said...

Wow the wind is really doing some havoc. It is very windy here also. Went to town and got groceries. I felt bad for the old ladies trying to hold on the their carts. The neighbor three doors down lost his small boat. I looked out and noticed it was hanging on by one tie down then 10 minutes later it was floating away. Our canoe is still doing fine. It has a lot of water in it but still attached to the seawall. We have electricity thank goodness. Have fun with Ben give him a big squeeze.

Dawn said...

hehe....I can just imagine him opening the door for you and asking you that. It just struck me as funny:)))))
Your home sounds like a haven.

JDaniel4's Mom said...

It sounds like you have perfect weather for a good book and lasagna. It has been really windy here today.