Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sunny and a bright Sunday Morning~!

Just can't seem to be able to post with out a picture.. So here is Ben posing for another picture.. He is such a sweet boy. Haven't seen him for awhile and I really miss him.. He is with his Dad this week-end and he'll be back to his Mom's this evening. 
Yesterday was Dave and mine 51st anniversary.. What a celebration we had all day.. Lazy in the day watching the movie "Marly and Me".. Oh my goodness that was a sad movie.  I think my favorite movie that Mrs. Wittenburg lend me to watch was Simon Birch.. I thought this was such a sweet movie and want to watch it one more time before I give all the movies back to her.. Mrs. Wittenburg is the teacher that I have been helping Mon. and Thurs. with the 2nd graders.   I went to her class this last Thurs. morning for a visit.. Hadn't been there for over 6 weeks and the kids were so excited to see me.. They ran to the door with lots of kisses and hugs. I was so happy to see them.. I stayed until 11 and then went back home. I was tired..I plan on going Monday. I told her I wouldn't promise how long ~ She was excited to see me again and told me she was glad I was able to get out again.. ME TOO~!~!
     Last night our church held a Valentine's Dinner at the restaurant in Springville.. Shelly's.  There were 50 people there and it was good to get out of the house.  They all wished Dave and I a Happy Anniversary. It was a wonderful evening and we had a great time.   The food was so good and for dessert we had cherry rhubarb pie and vanilla ice cream.. there was just plain cherry pie also to choose from..  
     This morning I woke up early and went outside and fed my birds, burned the trash and got the Sunday paper.. It 9 degrees and well go up to 30 today.. It was really nice outside with hardly any wind blowing.. It feels so good to be able to walk outside again.. Still have to be very careful that I don't fall. Knee is doing so much better.. I now have a bend of 117 and working on the straightness.. Lots of work.. Lots of pain.. But that all goes along with having a TKR.. (total knee replacement).  I'll just be glad when everything is back to normal..
       Today is my son's , Richard's birthday.. what a joy he is and a great young man, dad and husband.. He is 48 today.. WOW~ that doesn't seem possible.. I'm sure in Illinois where he lives with his family there will be birthday celebrations ~ tomorrow his daughter turns 13. Kelly is now going to be a teenager. Yikes~!  February is a big time birthday month for our family. and anniversaries..   One doesn't get older we just get more valuable.. I love my birthday and my children do too..
      Oldest daughter, Jodie and her husband Mark are at Tybee Island for a month. That is in Georgia.. Oh how nice is that to be able to go where it's somewhat warmer than what it is here in the North.  She calls me almost everyday and it sounds like they are having a great time. They are 4 blocks from the ocean and she said they walk everyday .  They have rented a 5 bedroom house for a month. They took our grand-cat with them on this trip.. She said Calvin is enjoying himself with his new stuffed mice that some one made for him.. Catnip I think is so fun for cats to play with. Makes them go looney and they get lots of exercise chasing the mice around.  
        Going to church this morning and Dave and I are going out for lunch.. It's going to be another wonderful day~!
Have a Tiggeriffic Day ~ ta ta for now from Iowa:)

Monday, February 06, 2012

When is my birthday? It was yesterday~!

B en is into posing now for his pictures.. He poses and then he wants to see what the picture looks like.. Thanks goodness for digital camera.Silly boy.
      Went to the Dr. today that did my surgery for my total knee replacement. The nurses always ask you when is your birthday? I got to say "It was yesterday"~!  She  looked at me and said "OH~! Happy Birthday~!.. Yes ~I get to be 68 this year.. She said I like that ~ you get to be 68.. I told her I was actually 1/2 way to 136.  I love my birthday and it's a great day to celebrate life..
     Dr. Munjal was very happy with the results of my knee.. I now have 113 bend and my straightness is at a 7.. must go to 0 in order to be a good straight.  I went to Physical Therapy after the Dr.'s visit.. Oh man, what a work out that was, my muscles were shaking..  I go back on Wednesday and hopefully I can get my bend better and the straightness.. It's a lot of work.. Seems like that is all I get done, exercise-exercise-exercise.. Stretch-bend-ride on the bike and go 1/2 way and go 1/2 way the other way since I can't make it go all the way around.. It's coming slowly but surely and with time and patience I'll have all this pain behind me.. It will come it just takes time.
         The Dr. said I can drive the car now.. Ya-Hoo~!  So I drove the car after my visit with him.. It's been 6 weeks..   When Dave and I got home today we had lunch and I took a 2 hour nap.. then I rode the bike for awhile and stretched the back of my leg..
Having lots of pain in my hip right now, I'm sure it's not liking all this stretching and bending.. Too bad. 
        My friend Holly had a Super Bowl Party yesterday afternoon.  There were a lot of people there and we had so much fun... The women were in the family room playing board games. Men were in the TV room and watched the game.. It was great to be out of the house and be around people again.. Most of these people go to our church and they gave me lots of cards and flowers..  It was a great time.. 
     Time for bed ~ Have a Tiggeriffic Day and ta ta for now from Iowa:)

Saturday, February 04, 2012

Ben is my favorite person ~!

 Dave left for Dwight, Illinois for the annual U.S.A.Plowing Organizations board meeting on Friday afternoon. Ben and Tracie came over and we played games on my computer. He just loves it~!  He has reached the age of not wanting to look up at the camera and smile.. So one has to get what one can get.  He loves to play Mario games.. they are free and he does quite well with pushing the right letters to get Mario to go forward, jump and maneuver through the course.. 
He told me he was cool with his Mario hat on and his new Mario shirt.. 5 years old and he thinks he is cool.. He told me today I was his favorite person. I told him he was my favorite person too. He is quite a boy~! 
After supper Ben and I went outside and he showed me how he can jump on his new pogo stick that he got for Christmas.  He does quite well. He then ran around the garage ~ around and around .  He had me time him to see how fast he ran. Good thing I have a stop watch.. He can really run fast.
Tomorrow is my birthday. I can't believe it ~! I'm going to be 68 years old.. I sure don't feel this old.. But time marches on whether we want it to or not.. I'm going to my friend's house Holly after church.. She is going to have a Super Bowl Party.. She has a very nice recliner I can sit in to watch the game and visit with everyone.. I have a hard time sitting in a kitchen chair, my knee gets very jumpy and hurts.. Come next Tuesday it well be 6 weeks after my total knee surgery.. I still have a lot of pain especially in the evenings.. Thank goodness I have Loritab for the pain, it sure does help.. Went to Physical Therapy Friday and my PT really gave my knee a work out.. I now have 110 bend and my straightness is at a 6.. She wants me to have 115 plus for a bend and 0 for straightness.. I told her good luck.. It's a lot of work to do all the exercises and be pain free.. I use a lot of ice.. to keep the swelling down and the pain under control.
I go back to see the surgeon on Monday and hopefully he will let me drive a car again.. 
       All is quiet right now, Ben and Tracie are staying the night. I told him we would have waffles in the morning for breakfast. He said "Yum Yum~!~!".  
      Have a Tiggeriffic Day tomorrow ~ ta ta for now from Iowa:)