Friday, October 29, 2010

Carving Pumpkins with Ben and putting together Lego truck.

Stayed the night at Tracie's house last night (Thursday) and didn 't take Ben to Day-care on Friday. I decided we would have one big playdate day..
This morning after he watched Curious George and had our breakfast ~ I went outside and got one of the pumpkins that I had grown in my garden and decided this would be a good time to carve the pumpkin. Oh Ben was so excited~! Tracie has carving tools for doing this and it was wonderful..Ben helped me scoop out the seeds and pulp.. He didn't like getting his hands all gooby. HE helped with the carving of the eyes~nose~mouth.. The hair was too hard for him so he just watched me.. I love the carving tools that one can buy.. I'm going to go buy me a set for next year. HE also loved not having to go to daycare.

After lunch we put together another lego truck.. He is getting so good at putting these things together. We look at the picture step by step and he grabs the piece and adds it to the last step. This is for age 6+, with help Ben gets it together for the most part by himself.. I'm amazed..~!

We then worked on his flash cards of letters and numbers. He really liked that and had a good time with me. For every right answer he would get a M&M. I really can't believe what is required of 4 years olds to know for school. When I went to 1st grade ~ I didn't have to know anything. The teacher taught it all to us. (no Kindergarten when I started school). How things have changed.. I guess that is why parents send their kids to pre-school nowadays.

Here is Ben focused on putting his lego truck together. He has washable tempera paint all over his shirt, we did some marble paintings today.. He loved it~! Thanks to the girls that I follow with their blogs they give me plenty of ideas to do with Ben..
He really gets focused when he works on anything.

After we got this done we played Thomas the Train~! Oh such fun is that . We race around the track and when we get to the covered bridge and to the otherside, that is the finish line.. He always has to win and then the dancing starts and it's a real hoopla...He doesn't like it when I win.. I told him he needs to use his good manners and let GranAnnie win once in awhile.. I just can't manuver around that train table like he does. But once in awhile I do and I win and oh boy ~! I'm trying to instill in him about being a good loser. At this age he is very competitive.. Look out Aunt Jodie when you come to play.

I have to laugh at how he poses for pictures now.. He thinks he has to put his head down and then he says Thursday.. He has his favorite things on the table,,, His beloved rabbit "Nibbles", his lego truck, his new Buzz Light lazer...
Tracie got home at 6 tonight and we ran into Culvers for supper .Drive - thru.. Ben ate his hot dog on the way home and then got the horseradish out for his fries when we got home. Just like his mama.. Horseradish on good delicious fries? not me.

Got home this evening at 9:30..It was good to come back into my own house. When I left, Ben was settling down in bed with his MaMa and Rocco the dog and of course Nibbles. It was a good day and I'm going to go to bed and get a good nights sleep. I'm suppose to go tomorrow evening and judge an event for the Girl Scouts in our area. It's Juliet Low's birthday.. She is the founder of Girl Scouting, which I was for 10 years. I loved being a scout and earned the highest badge one could earn at that time.
Friday is almost over so I'll just say "Have a great Saturday"... ta ta for now from Iowa...


Home In The Hollow said...

I loved playing Legos with the kids and carving pumpkins. Memories are photographs taken by the mind!...:)JP

rex22lbs said...

What a crazy little guy ... Love the pictures. He is getting so good at Legos. So cute he has all his favorite things on the table. You should have him do that once a month to see if things stay the same or change or maybe he could go on Ophra when she does her "favorite thing shows".