Friday, October 15, 2010

A-lot of work cleaning out one's garden

Decided to get the weeds cleaned out of my pereniel garden. WOW~! it was a lot of work...The birds had pretty much picked off all the seeds on those Coneflowers.. I planted one plant 2 years ago and look at it~! It's a prolific plant and guess I'll just have to replant some of this to another spot in the yard...
There that looks better. I left the Sedum for awhile longer. It's so beautiful in the fall and the birds like to pick off the bugs and anything else they can find..

This was a big mess.. I'm sure my work will be ahead of me this spring.. Have to get that grass out of there. It's a fight every year to pull the grass and make sure you get the runners..
See those ConeFlowers after being cut down near the big rock? There are 4 plants over there ready to grow in the spring..
My mailbox ~ I store my garden tools in so I don't have to go to the shed every time I need one. They keep nice and dry in there.. My garden gloves are in there too.

Oh my ~! it's a mess.. but it's all cleaned up now and ready for spring sprucing up for next years plants.. I should get some mulch and really put a bunch down now that it's cleaned up.
Ben is coming over this afternoon for a tractor ride with Grandpa Dee Dee. I see the snack rabbit there and guess I better get a snack in there before I go pick him up for daycare.
Ben is doing good with his cast. He is starting to try to walk on it so he can get around faster. Guess he hates crawling..
Well, it's time to go pick him up... Have a great fall everyone... Ta Ta For Now~!


Home In The Hollow said...

I love the mailbox for storage!! ..:)JP

Laura ~Peach~ said...

what a beautiful place love the cone flowers i so need to clean my flower beds ... SOON maybe this weekend! :) way to go ben!

Dawn said...

OH You did a lot of work!!
And it does look much better:)
(Feels good when it's done- doesn't it:))))

rex22lbs said...

Goood Job Mom! Looks great. I coneflowers are my favorite.

Nicole said...


I've tried to plant Coneflowers before and they never did come up!
I love natural stuff like that, wildflowers and such, but they never grow when I plant them. I'm always starting from seed and hoping and praying they grow! lol Figured if they grow wild then I couldn't kill them but I can't even get them to grow!
Dad just gave me a shoot from the sedum.. hoping it will root. He said I should still be able to plant it. Will it be alright?
He gave me some because he said it just takes over... I need something like that in the front! lol

Carolina Trekker said...

Your garden looks great. The mailbox is sitting in the Rhubarb seeing your barn & tractor in the background. Can hear the birds getting excited at finding Coneflowers. Whew...that was alotta work and it looks good.