Saturday, July 30, 2011

Jumping Mexican Bean~!

Bouncing on the trampoline is so good for Ben.. Here he is resting after jumping like a Mexican bean.. He is so fun to watch ~ his little legs spring into air and he tries to spin and make funny actions with his body.. He always wants me to jump with him.. I tell him I can't get on the trampoline because of my knee.. which is true.. So I get to watch him bounce and bounce..
When he jumps in the air his hair goes into the air..

Tracie went to Massage School for massage clinic's today.. I got to be with Ben.. After breakfast he jumped and jumped on the trampoline.. We then went to the library and he got 5 books and 2 DVD's... IT was so fun, he had me sit at this little table and would go pick out a book, bring it to me and we would look at it together.. If it had a lot of words he said this one is not for me.. We would set it on the table for the librarian to put away.. He would go and get another book and we would take a look.. He ended up with 5 books. He had a great time picking out his books and I had a great time sitting and letting him look at the books he would like to have read to him. His favorite DVD"s right now are Care Bears and a DVD called The bear that snores.. It's a book made into a dvd.. He loves the book and now he loves the dvd..

After we left the library we stopped at Culvers and he got a corn dog and something to drink..

then we went to Aldi's grocery store.. He said "GranAnnie ~ I'll bet Donna would love this store"... Donna is the girl that takes care of him during the day ~ she has a daycare , but Ben says she doesn't have a daycare, she has a house... He loves Donna and she loves him...

He had me buy some Cherry Pie Filling because he wants me to make him a pie..

His other grandma "JoGram came and got him at 2 . JoGram and Pa Pa Jim are taking Ben to a family reunion in Oskalosa, Iowa tomorrow. He was excited ~ he said he was going to meet some new cousins.. I came in the house and took a nap..

Tracie called me and we went swimming at Holly's house.. It felt so good to get into the pool.. IT was 85 degrees and so nice...and warm.. I called Donna to see if she wanted to join us in the pool. She brought her sister Chris... WE had a great time floating in the pool and talking and just having a nice time gabbing ....later we went out to eat at Stone City, at a restaurant called "The General Store".. prime rib was the special for the nite and we all had prime rib.. yum was good comfort food..
Here is fly boy... So much fun to watch him jump jump on the trampoline..Great exercise and a wonderful way to get rid of the excess energy that he has,,he is a busy boy.

Church tomorrow and then we are going to meet up at the pool tomorrow after we have lunch with our families. The pool is a great place to relax and cool off from all this heat we are having.

Have a Blessed Tiggeriffic Day~! ta ta for now from Iowa:)

Thursday, July 28, 2011

One more picture of the silly girls.. Aunt Tracie bought them them ICE drink from Walmart.. of course their tongues are blue again... Talked with Emily at her house this morning.. Lisa and Emily are going through all the photos and making a memory
scrap book.Emily told me she misses me so much. We had such a great time.. She said "Thanks GranAnnie">

She is such a sweetie..

Ben was being so silly.. He is pretending that he is sleeping.. I love it how he has his hands on the side of his face. What a precious child. He just glows with Jesus's love.

Ben and Rocco.. He loves his dog.. He has to hang onto Rocco or he will run away.. Nervous Nilly..

Today it's raining and a nice warm day.. Birds at feeders feeding their young babies. The Mom and Dad Cardinal are here feeding their young ones.. They are all lined up with mouths opened and ready for a meal..

I see out at the oriole feeder the babies are lined up on the picket fence. I love it~!
Ben is at Donna's house , she says the boys (3) are playing Thomas the Train.. The track is running all over.. She said they are having lots of fun. Donna is the best place for Ben.. She loves him and understands him.. When he was at the daycare in Central City he was learning how to be aggresive.. slapping, hitting, biting.. I called it an institution. He does none of this at Donna's.. Very wonderful environment for him.

Having a relaxing day today.. Going to read my book "Dreams of Joy " written by Lisa See.

First book was Shanghai Girls.. that was a very good book.. Lisa wrote this dreams of joy to follow the shanghai girls.. She is a very good writer.

Guess I best go get dressed and ready fo r the day...reading my favorite blogs, reading my book and just not doing too much today.. Have a Blessed Tiggeriffic Day~! ta ta for now from Iowa:)

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The girls made Cherry Popovers~ mmm!

Here is E.orr with the cherry popovers that she made.. all by herself.. Well, I stood next to her and helped her.. She was so proud of herself... These babies are so delicious.. I wrapped them up and she took them home to her family. I'm sure they enjoyed eating them.

Emiy is rolling out her part of the dough to make her cherry popovers. She loves baking and it was a lot of fun to show the girls how to make them.. We got Emily's wrapped up and ready for her to take to her family.. I told her to hide them or her brother John would hog them all..

We met Rich in Stockton, Illinois at 4 p.m. Emily was happy to see her Dad.. We had a sandwich at the subway and got to visit with Rich for a little bit.. The girls showed their dad the framed picture that Aunt Tracie helped them make and some photos.. They were very excited to tell him all the things that we did. We got everything into Richards car that the girls had brought to my house.. Ben went with us today to take the girls to illinois.. After we left he was not happy. He didn't realize that the girls were not riding back home with us. He wanted us to turn back around.. HE kept saying "I'll never get to see them ever~!".. turn around... " I'll not ever see them ever.." Poor thing he was just beside himself.. He really enjoyed the girls and had such a great time with them.. On the way home the sun was behind the clouds and I gave the camera to Ben. trying to get him to think about something else beside the girls..

He took these pictures of the clouds with the sun.. I thought he did a really great job.. He loved taking these pictures. He took a dozen or more pictures. It worked it tood his mind off the girls. He noticed we would be on top of a hill and then we would go down into valleys.. So he learned about hills and valleys.. It even rained and it surprised him. because he could still see the sun shining in the distance..

It's WEdnesday today, and I woke up late.. It felt good to sleep in and just relax.. The house was quiet and I really missed the girls not being here.. So I called Rich,, he said Emily was still sleeping.. that was at 10 this morning. She must of been worn out..

Picked up Ben at 3 and we went swimming at Holly's pool.. That was lots of fun.. I took him to Tracie's house at 5:30 and his Dad picked Ben up to be with him until Friday, then he comes back to his mom's house.. I feel bad for divorced kids.. back and forth back and forth. But Ben seems to have adjusted and does the change easily.

Have a Blessed Tiggeriffic Day~! ta ta for now from Iowa:)

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Friends Forever~!~!

Friends Forever~! These two girls are going to be friends forever. Happy Happy girls~! I'm so happy for them both that they have each other. It's been 9 days of fun. We are at Tracie's house. She has school tonight and we are here to take care of Ben.. He just loves them~! We are taking the girls back to Stockton, Illinois to meet Rich and then he will take them home to Barrington, Illinois.. I'm going to miss them so much..

Rocco loves Emily.. He is going to miss her.

Kissing Cousins~! I thought this was so cute. Ben doesn't give his kisses away very well, but tonight he was kissing Emily and E.Orr.. Ben is going to miss the girls.. He is going with us today to take the girls back to Illinois.. Last night he was asking "WHY" do they have to leave. Nothing we could say would satisfy his "WHY"S"... He just wants them to stay.

Green is in~! I love how E.orr did Emily's hair.. She actually went to Walmart with her hair like that. She got several compliments. This is part of the spa night they had Sunday evening with Aunt Tracie.. Green mask facial. They had so much fun~! Making memories ~ they have a lot of them.~!

I love this picture.. Ben sipping on his Sierra Mist from Culvers and the girls by his side. Hug Hug~!

They are still sleeping this morning. It's 9:30.. I have their breakfast hidden outside in the trees. This morning they requested bacon, pancakes, eggs that are in the bread. We call them toad in the hole.. It's just bread buttered on both sides. put a hole in the bread, put into the skillet with a dab of butter in the hole, drop an egg into hole and let it cook. turn it over so both sides of bread get toasted and egg gets cooked.. ta da...toad in the hole.. They loved it the first time I made it for them. It's getting humid today and the sun is shining brightly.. Last night we had a wonderful sunset.. I took pictures but no room here for that picture. The girls had a fun time with Tracie when she got home from school.. Ben and I played Mario on the WII.. Aunt Tracie bought them a picture frame and they picked out the pictures they wanted in the frame . It turned out really cute and they can put in their rooms when they get home. We will be leaving at 2 today and like I said before~~ I'm going to miss them mushly.

Have a Blessed Tiggeriffic Day~! ta ta for now from Iowa:)

Monday, July 25, 2011

One more day to have the girls..saddens my heart.. I have enjoyed them so much and their parents should be so proud of these two.. They have manners, happy spirits, love of God in their hearts, they are in tune of being thoughtful to each other and to others and know how to think of others besides themselves. Their parents should get a huge pat on the back for a job well done~!~!~!. I'm going to miss them so much.. I love their kick backs to Dave when he tries to tease them. They are very witty. Yesterday we went to church and during the sermon the girls were getting restless, so I always carry crayons and paper in my bible case for kids to use that are around me. Parents are so thankful.. I gave them to Liz and Emily and they got busy drawing pictures and making signs "Love you GranAnnie and Grandpa Dave".. When we got home Dave mentioned that they missed the sermon.. They both told him what the sermon was all about and they were right on the mark.. I smiled..:) He told them how could you know that much when you were not listening. I told G-Dave that women are multi- taskers... I was proud of them...
After church we came home and I quickly got ribs in the oven. Big storm was coming our way and the electricity always goes off.. I made cherry pie popovers while it was cooking.. Got them in the oven baking while we had dinner.. Emily said "what kind of meat is this, this is really good"... all week she has been telling me she doesn't like pork.. I told her it was pig.. "PIG?" she looked surprised and said m-m- pig is pretty good.. I told her well you have been eating pork couple times this week.. she looked at me and said "Really?".. I said yes, you have been eating bacon, your favorite...she thought bacon came from a cow.. So we had a lesson on what kind of meat is pork and beef.. We had a good time talking and laughing. Dave just shook his head.

These girls could be beauty queens.. They are so beautiful~! They had a good time swinging on Ben's swing.

Here's Emily getting ready to take off..on the swing. They both had a great time. I don't think there is anything that they don't enjoy doing. well, maybe washing dishes because GranAnnie doesn't have a dishwasher.. They asked me why don't you have a dishwasher.. I told them I had four.. two on my hands and two on Grandpa Dave's hands.. They said I still needed a dishwasher.. I really don't want one..have never had one and I think it's just quicker to wash and dry them and put the dishes away.

Yesterday afternoon I took them to Aunt Tracie's house. They have the camera and Tracie said they are taking lots of pictures.. They stayed all night at Tracie's house and I called them this morning. They were just getting up at 10... Tracie said they watched a movie, ate snacks, did some crafts, had a facial skin care with masks, cleansers, lotions. They gave the dog a bath because he smelled.. Rocco smelled like a skunk..I have this product called Technu that is for poison ivy but it's great for dogs to get the smell from a skunk off. Technu takes the oil from the skunk spray off their fur.. IT actually works. Rocco smelled a lot better.. He loves the girls because they give him so much attention. He is going to miss them just like me.. I'm going to go and pick up Ben at 2 today and then we are going to Holly's house to go swimming.. Tracie has class tonight at the massage school and Emily, Liz and I will be taking care of Ben. Last night for the girls and tomorrow I'll be taking them back to Stockton , Illinois to meet Rich so he can take them back to Barrington, Illinois. Today I'm going to take all the pictures I have taken of their visit here and get them all put on a CD so they can take them home to show their families.They want to go visit their kitties that can't go home with them one more time. Tigger and Sonny.. They were a little sad when their parents told them the kitties could not come home, but it was O.K. they understood.

Guess I best get busy here, get things in order and get ready for the day...

Have a Blessed Tiggeriffic Day~! ta ta for now from Iowa:)

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Pictures at the General Store in Stone City

Here are the girls in the middle of the street at Stone City, Iowa.. In the background is a beautiful stone church.. I just had to add more pictures to the post I just made that is below this one.. So you'll have to go below and take a look at those pictures too. Thanks

This is Emily ~ Aunt Tracie and E.orr

all ~Happy~Happy~Happy with lots

of hugs, giggles and chatter.. You can see the necklace that E.Orr made and the bracelet that Emily made. Very cute and looks good~!

They wanted a picture of Grandpa Dave's beer bottle.. They thought it was pretty.

Picture of the spider drop. can't see the spider because it blends in but you can see the people weren't fazed by seeing the spider.

Roasting marshmallows.. Such fun they both had doing this..

Go to next blog, more pictures and more writing on the adventures of two beautiful wonderful girls..:)

Supper at the General Stone City

In Stone City, Iowa where Grant Wood the artist is well known, there is this wonderful resturant called the General Store. It really has great food and because we took Kelly here we decided this was going to be something we could take each one of the Grandchildren while they are here. We had a great time and very relaxing. The first thing after you order your drinks and order your food the hostess comes over and took Emily, E.orr and Tracie out to the balcony.. I trailed along to get pictures. She has a fishing rod with a huge plastic spider fastened onto the end.. Down below there are people eating at tables outside ~ she drops the spider down and and tries to scare the people. They weren't scared this time.. they thought it was a butterfly.
When Kelly was here a lady jumped and yelled.. The girls thought this was pretty funny.
The hostess gave each girl a huge hamburger bun and they went downstairs to where the outside eating area is and fed the big fish that are in the river. They had fun watching the big big fish jump out of the water for the bread. I took pictures from the balcony. I have so many pictures there is just not enough space here to put them all.. It was fun to watch them..

I got some vanilla ice cream and Dave wanted a bite.. The girls thought this was funny so a picture was taken of Dave opening wide to get a spoonful of ice cream... OPEN WIDE~! LOL>

The girls ate a blue sucker and I thought they should show off their beautiful blue tongues.. They are so silly.

Here's the fish jumping for the bread.

There is this iron fence surrounding The General Store. The girls thought it was funny to be on the other side of the fence to make us think they were in jail... You can see E.Orr's necklace that she made at Aunt Tracie's house earlier in the day and Emily has on her two bracelets that she made. I have close-up pictures.. They did a really great job and had so much fun with Aunt Tracie. They are all excited, Aunt Tracie is going to have them have a sleep over on Sunday night at her house.

When we got home you see a big storm brewing in the West.. I grabbed the solar lights next to the driveway and brought them inside. I gave one to the girls ~ put one in the kitchen and one in the living room.. just in case the electric went off..Solar lights are so much better than candles and a flashlight. Sure enough 15 minutes into the storm the lights went out.. I was folding clothes from the dryer and the girls showed up..
Can you come upstairs with us please? I said sure I'll be right up.. It was storming with lots of lightening , strong winds and thunder. I had the radio on to hear if there would be tornado warnings and glad their were none.. Our basement is just a hole in the ground big enough for the furnace, water heater , water softener and pressure tank. and a place for the canning jars. it's not the greatest place to go but if there is a tornado coming by that is where one needs to be.. everytime I open the basement door the girls make awful faces and say 'oooooo'. they won't take a step down those stairs.. they say 'it's creepy'. Glad we didn't have to use it last night.

I went upstairs and they were watching a movie on Aunt Tracie's laptop.. I took my library book and read for a little bit.. It was 10 and time for bed... So the girls took their solar light and went to their beds. Not sure how long the elctricity was off. They didn't get up this morning until 10. I looked at the rain gauge this morning. we almost got 3 inches of rain. No tree limbs down and everything looked well watered.

Not sure what we are going to do today. They asked Dave for a tractor ride ~ raining right now so they are watching the end of the movie that they started watching last night. I have to go to Walgreens later today and get groceries at Aldi's and WalMart. I'm sure they will to go with me.

Have a Blessed Day ~! ta ta for now from Iowa:)

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Tractor Camp Today~~! Safety lessons first ~and then you get to drive.

Do they look like they are having fun? Oh my goodness this afternoon we went over to Tracie's house and they had such a great time jumping on the trampoline.. There were 109 pictures taken today and it was hard to choose which ones to put on my blog.. I don't think I have ever seen two girls get along so well and be so wonderful to be around.. They are like two cub bears.. Laughing, talking about everything and just being super great~! I'm going to miss them so much when they go back home.. This evening they both asked me at the same time "Can we stay another week?".. I said "Of Course"~!
But you'll have to ask your parents.
I would love to have them another week, but will have to see what their parents say to them... I felt so honored they would want to stay another week.. LOL>

Isn't this just precious.. Dave took them to Whittier Market about 1 mile south of the house.. They bought some snacks.. I make them see on the package the serving size and then they have to get a measuring cup and measure out what a serving size looks like and they can only have that much for the day.. A bag of Chex Mix has lasted a long time now because they have to measure. Plus I make them read the calories, sugar and carbs because I have diabetes and I have to do that ~ I thought it would be good for them to at least read and beware of those kind of things.

Emily getting her tractor instructions. The girls were so cute, they listened and then did what Dave wanted them to do. He of course stayed where he was sitting but let them drive the John Deere 530 all around the yard and down to the creek and back. I loved it ~ it was fun to watch~!

Here is E.Orr. What a serious look she had on her face all through the instructions.. She loved riding the tractor and actually driving it all by herself.. Being Dave he is so overly cautious with the kids when they are on his tractors.. Which is so good.

Here are the girls riding on the fenders of the John Deere.. There are hand holds there for them to hang on to and Dave goes so slow ~ he is so careful.. Safety first is his motto..

I'm going off to bed.. We went swimming this evening and the water felt sooooo good.. The sunset was just gorgeous , I have so many pictures to show but not enough space.

Sweet dreams everyone~! Prayers to all ~! ta ta for now from Iowa:)

Pancakes for Breakfast~! yum yum

Here are the girls yesterday morning after they found their Buttermilk Pancake mix in the small milk container and their eggs.. E.Orr said this was so great~! Emily loves doing this at my house and every morning it's a mystery to which tree the bags are hidden. When I was at Aldi's the other day I found this small container that looks like a minature milk carton.. the label says "Buttermilk Pancake Shake-Ups". All you add is water and shake it up.. I was very surprised the pancakes were wonderful, light fluffy and tasted very good. I'm going to buy some more and have them on the shelf.. or maybe I'll buy each one of the girls one and they can take it home and share it with their families.. It makes 20 small pancakes.. I made my homemade syrup.. 1 cup of brown sugar 1 cup of sugar (I use Splenda) and 1 cup of water put into a pan and let boil for 2 minutes.. ta da you have syrup.. IT says to put in maple flavoring but I don't... After using keep it in the fridge.. It lasts for months.. The girls liked it and thought it was better than the kind you buy. We had bacon, eggs and fresh strawberries to add to our breakfast.. E.Orr said this was a very big breakfast.

After breakfast we played Yahtzee..2 games.. E.Orr won one game and Emily won one. We also played Good Morning's a card game.. Deal out the cards to each player except the jokers, do not look at your cards.. Each player carefully puts their card face up in the middle of the play area and if the #10 is there you have to put your hands up in the air and shout Hallelujah ~ If there is a Jack you have to wave and say "Hi Jack" ~ If there is a Queen you have to put your hand on your ear lobe and say "Good Morning Queenie" If there is a King you say nothing and salute with two fingers above your eyebrow ~ If there is a Ace you slap the table. The person who is last doing this has to pick up the cards on the table.. All other cards are just cards. The person that has no cards left is the winner.. E.Orr is very good at this game she wins most of the time.. This is a fun game with lots of "Oh No's" and laughter..

We went over and picked up Tracie and went to Walmart and then had a chicken snack wrap and something to McDonalds. I just love these girls . They are so grateful for anything you do for them.. We then drove to the movie theater and saw the movie 'Monte Carlo".. Cute movie and enjoyed watching. The girls sat almost in the front seat of the theater. They had their fuzzy blankets to keep warm.. Tracie and I sat in the top row right above the girls.. It felt good to have a relaxing day for them after the hot and busy day they had yesterday out in the elements of heat and humidity. Good to get Emily out of the sun as she has a little sunburn.. not too much but enough to be ouchy..

After supper we went to Holly's to swim.. Holly's family was gone so we had the whole pool to ourselves... IT was so great.. I put my ipod in a ziplock bag and put it under my ball cap. Got a noodle and layed back and listened to James MacDonald podcast.. The girls were so cute they were making up dance routines in the pool.. Then when they were finished with getting it together they would perform for me.. We were in the pool for 3 hours.. Very relaxing ~!

When we got home Tracie was here with her computer. IT was so cute, Tracie and the girls were sharing music with each other . E.Orr has a Ipod and has lots of music on it ~ Tracie brought up her Itunes and off they went with lots of talking, sharing and singing. When it got to be 11 I went to bed.. Because of the lateness last night all this happened yesterday Wednesday.

I'll post tonight all the happenings for today... They are outside right now getting instructions from Pa Pa Dee Dee (Dave) on how to drive the John Deere 530. I'll take lots of pictures and be ready to show you their tractor driving. I'm going to hate to see them go home.. They are so delightful to have here at the house..

Have a Blessed Tiggeriffic Day~! ta ta for now from Iowa:)

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Hot Hot Hot ~! day for Horse Camp

Took the girls over to the neighbors for their Horse Riding Camp. It was already 90 degrees and Hot and Humid and hardly any wind.. Almost a suffocating feeling. Emily and E.orr were so excited~! I wanted to take so many more pictures but because of the high humidity my camera fogged over when I took it out of the car. When I came back to pick up the girls I left my camera in the back of the car where there is no AC and I was at least able to get E.Orr on her horse.. Emily was in the pool that they have there.. Oh my goodness ~ I'm so glad I signed the girls up for this because they had a really good day. They were there from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. long hot day..

Here's E-Orr putting her saddle back into the barn. She actually took it off the horse. I have pic's of that too but not enough room to put them on this sight. I'm going to make a album for the girls to take home with them to remember their visit at the farm.

Well, here's the biggest thing the girls enjoyed and guess what they are FREE to a good home.. These girls fell in love with these kittens.. E.Orr is holding her favorite. It's name is Tigger..

Ben got into the action and was holding this cat.. He loves cats. He wanted to take this one to his Dad's house ... I told him no way,, you already have a cat named Jacob. He can't have one at his Mom's house because of her dog Rocco.

Here's Emily's pick of the litter. This cats name is Sonny.

She would really like to take this cat home but I told her that it would be hard because there is already a cat at her house.. I told her it was up to what her Dad and Lisa thought. Maybe E.Orr's mom and dad will let her have her cat and take Sonny too. That way Emily can see her cat at the Orr's house.. The girls are still sleeping this morning ~ big day yesterday and hot.

We came home from the horse camp and the girls cooled down in the AC here at the house .. I went and picked up Ben and Tracie met us here at the house.. We had supper and then I went to bible study. The girls went swimming at Holly's house with Tracie and Ben.. after bible study we went to Holly's house and we went swimming too. Tracie brought the girls home.. I got home at 10 and the girls were in bed asleep.. They looked so peaceful and beautiful~!

I'm glad they are sleeping in this morning. Gives me time for some quiet time with my devotions and God.

Listened to James MacDonald ~ a pastor from Elgin, Ill.

He is a Pastor at Harvest Bible Chapel Church. He is preaching on "Bring the Glory Down".. you bring it down by reading God's word.. His sermon this last Sunday was really on fire with the Lord. If you would like to go to his website; you can watch him on a video or I download him on Itunes and listen on my Ipod. I also listen to Bill Hybels sermon that is with Willow Creek Community Church.

It's 8:30 and the girls are still snoozing.. I'm sure when they get up they are going to call their parents to see the answer for the kitties.. I have their breakfast hidden in the trees outside. This morning we are going to have pancakes, bacon and eggs.. They have to find three bags this morning.. the pancake flour in one bag and two eggs ~ one for E.orr and one for Emily.

Thought the bacon would be not good outside in this heat.. It's 80 right now with 10 mile wind.

Today I thought it would be good to go to town and see a movie..sit in the AC and enjoy the cool air. I'm having a great time with these two girls..Just wish Rich lived closer to me..

Have a Blessed Tiggeriffic Day~! ta ta for now from Iowa:)

Monday, July 18, 2011

Picking breakfast out of trees ~!

These pictures got all mixed up and it's too late to try and get them in order.. Here the girls at the wonderful toy store ... They rode these things all over the store and had so much fun.

It was so HOT today we went swimming. They

girls loved the pool and we stayed until after dark.. We got here at 7 p.m.

Check Spelling

This morning started off with the girls finding their breakfast hanging in the pine trees out by the soybean field. They kept coming in "We need clues".. So I told them they were hanging on really tall trees.. Then I had to go outside and play the hot and cold game.. They both enjoyed finding their bags in the trees.. They want pancakes tomorrow.. M- hang flour and a egg in a tree? After breakfast we went into town and met youngest daughter, Tracie. We went to Maidrite and had lunch.. E.Orr and Emily had never eaten here before and really enjoyed the food. They got corn dogs, fries and a drink. I gave them some money to put in their billfolds so if they wanted to buy something they wouldn't have to come to me. We went to Aldi's , Tracie and I got our stuff and they went off and bought what they wanted.. It was so cute, they paid for their own stuff and had it all in a box. I have now started buying almost all of my groceries at Aldie's now.. Can't beat boxed cereal at $1.49- whole wheat bread $1.29 strawberries 99 cents.

WE went to a toy store and the top picture shows the girls on a riding thingy.. I have one in my garage and Ben just loves it.. They rode these things all over the store. No one was in the store and the owner said that it was O.K. I bought Ben a puzzle that he could use when we are at a restaurant and a game called Tantrix.. This store had a lot of cool things~!

Went to Wallmart and Emily got her hair cut at Cost Cutters. The girl that cut her hair did a really great job.. She took 2 inches off her hair.. Of course her and E. Orr consulted each other in what kind of hair cut she was going to get.. These two girls are so sweet the way they talk with each other. Emily bought some blue crackle nail polish while we were there.. We then went to the make=up area and she bought some silver polish to go underneath the blue crackle.. I'm sure they will work on that project when we get home. They decided as we were walking through the girls clothes that they needed matching bathing suits. SO they got these adorable monkey
bathing suits.. Someone at Walmart wanted to know if they were twins.. I told them yes.. lol.

they might as well be they are so close to each other.

Ben got to come with us swimming. He was so excited.. He has gotten to be quite a water bug in this water.

Time for bed.. It's been a big busy day.. Tomorrow the girls are going to an all day horse camp. They are so delighted. I told them in the morning we will have to pack a lunch and have plenty of water for them to drink..

They went to bed already..

Have a Tiggeriffic Day~! ta ta for now from Iowa:)

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Tankini or Bikini Eat Fresh at Subway~!

Left this afternoon at 4 p.m. to take Kelly back to her Dad and pick up E.Orr ( Elizabeth Orr) and Emily. The two girls were so excited~! We arrived at 6 and got all the suitcases and stuff switched from Rich's car into our car and Kelly's stuff put into her Dad's car. We went into the subway and had a sandwich and got to visit with Rich.. Kelly was glad to see her Dad and be able to go home.
We left Stockton, Illinois at 7 and it was so cute. Emily and E.Orr settled into the back seat and chatted, giggled. It sounded so sweet. I gave them a deck of skip bo cards I keep in the car and they played that for a little while.. When we crossed the Mississippi River they tried to hold their breath ,,, it was so funny.. They would take a big breath and then giggle.. When we got across the bridge I had Dave stop at the Hy-Vee grocery store and we went inside and bought meat, cereal, snacks, milk..All set for tomorrows breakfast which I will be hiding their breakfast in one of the trees outside for them to find. It's a tradition that I always do when the grandkids came to the house.

Here we are all fed and ready to leave our separate ways.. Kelly is so beautiful.. I'm going to miss her so much.. She was wonderful while she was here..
Look at Emily and E.Orr aren't they just darling? such wonderful smiles..

On the way home I took a picture of the sunset.. God is so good~! Look what he gives us to see everyday~!
I was so surprised these pictures did so well, we were going down the road at 65 miles an hour and I took the picture through the car window.. I love sunsets and sunrises and I just marvel at God's world...

Just went upstairs to take a look at how the girls were doing .. E.Orr was putting ear drops into Emily's ear.. so cute.. Emily has swimmers ear.
Well, this is our first evening together. These two girls are like bear cubs they just enjoy each other so much. I can hardly wait what the week is going to hold for us.
Have a Blessed Day~! ta ta for now from Iowa:)