Sunday, January 30, 2005

Lazy Dazy Sunday

Aren't you glad that you are NOT a penquin? In cold areas, up to a third of Penquins weight is blubber, and the Latin name, pinquis means fat. The male penquin incubates the single egg on it's feet, holding it against a bare brood patch on it's abdomen and eating nothing for months. Huddling with other devoted fathers throughout a winter of perpetual frozen nights and swirling blizzards. If , after months away, the female's return with food is delayed, the male feeds the chick "milk" from his crop while they both wait.
Boy am I glad that Hy-Vee grocery store is right down the road.

The birds have slowed down in their eating activity.. It's warmer and no expectant storms to brew here in the mid=west. The red bellied woodpecker was making quite a racket while filling the feeders today. I can hardly wait for another month, all the birds will be making their love songs.

Friday, January 28, 2005

Cormorants & Amarylis

Did you know? Cormorants soak their plumage to reduce buoyancy before sinking underwater in search of prey. they dive deep down from the surface of the water, propelled by their feet, and emerge to eat their catch. Their vestigial nostrils are permanently closed, and above water they breathe through their mouths. They roost in trees.
Cormorants have all four toes webbed. They use their large feet to keep their eggs warm, because they have no bare brood patch on the abdomen, as most birds do.
The temperature today is 28 and it's a lovely day. Now is a good time to buy a amarylis at your garden center. they are cheap at Wall-Mart. They are so beautiful this time of year to watch grow and the flower is wonderful. Bring some early early sping into your house.

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

cheer up it's January

I hear everyone complaining that it's January~! The snow has you down? Well, here is a way to perk you up~! Go outside and listen to the birds singing, or watch the squirrels chasing each other round and round the tree. Put out some nuts in your feeders and watch the fat squirrels come and feast~! I have 5 feeders and the birds are all busy this morning eating to keep fluffy. As I watch my birdbath I can see water splashing all over, the birds are taking their daily baths. I love to see the big Blue J's taking their baths, they make the water spray all over and the other birds sit below and get a shower too. It's so entertaining to watch the birds~! Hope you are enjoying the fun in feeding birds and the squirrels. The moon is so full right now that when I get up at 1 in the morning I look out at my feeders and there is the night creatures, bunnies, possums, and raccoons. Have a happy January and enjoy what Mother Nature has to offer. It's quite enjoyable~!

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Jake the Turkey

Well, all you turkey lovers ~Jake the turkey that lived in Whittier died this morning. I guess he was not big enough to stop traffic. He will be greatly missed by all. Jake was on National News, Cnn.and was seen by people all over the United States. Over Thanksgiving week-end people drove to Whittier to see the wild turkey that liked to stop traffic. There were a lot of people video-ing Jake. He was quite a turkey that put Whittier on the map.
Good-bye Jake

Thursday, January 20, 2005

Turkey Attack

This morning as I was going into town on the edge Whittier, south of my house there were 5 turkeys standing in the middle of the road. I slowed way down and then saw that they were not getting off the road. So I stopped. The turkeys stretched up their necks very high and then continued to charge my truck. They were gobbling thier head off. I just laughed and thought O.K. turkeys I think I'm bigger than you. So I revved up the engine thinking that would make them move. They just stood their ground. I then honked the horn and one by one they walked off the road and into the field. I just laughed, this had never happened to me. Well, when I got through Whittier I turned left and headed West.. There was Jake the pet wild turkey that lives on this side of town. He was standing in the middle of the road. I slowed down and thought I would pass on the left side of him. He moved over to the left side of the road. I came to a complete stop. Jake then preceded to make his neck raise high and tall and his was gobbling at me and charging the truck.. I laughed and revved up my engine. He stood his ground. So I honked and he moved to the right hand side of the road and I passed by him while he chewed me out. I must say I was so surprised. These turkeys must know that Thanksgiving is over and they are free to do whatever they want and have no fear for their lives anymore. What a morning to get through Whittier. I just chuckled.

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Afternoon of January 19, 2005

WOW. In the yard right now, there is 6 cockbirds. (Pheasants..) Hunting season is over and they are coming out. Course, I don't allow anyone to hunt on our farm. They are so gorgeous with the sun shining on their beautiful feathers. They are looking for food. They haven't found the black oiled sunflower seeds I put out this morning.

Woodpeckers January 19,2005

Good Morning~!
The woodpeckers are busy at the suet feeder this morning. They must be really hungry. This is the second suet cake this week. Feed your birds this winter. It's very important.
Did you know that birds like the gingerbread houses that are made at Christmas time? Put those houses outside on a picnic table or something sturdy and then watch the birds. They will entertain you and they will thank you by eating this sweet treat. Is this another way of recycling?