Thursday, October 07, 2010

The pepers look happy ~ I cleaned out the garden yesterday and this is what is left.. Mr. Skunk was delighted to see fresh vegetables.

These are the pumpkins that I was able to carry out.. There are two big ones that I couldn't pick up or roll out of the garden.. I'll have to get someone with muscles to get those. I love fall and all the vibrant colors that you see.. These are all from one seed. There are 2 huge ones at Ben's house. So from one seed I got quite a few pumpkins.. 11 in all.

I gathered all the yard ornaments that were in the garden and in the yard.. They are all back in their places ready to be stored for winter, then back outside next spring.
We have a shade tree we sit in outside in the evening.. I hang the lanterns in the tree and it makes this area look very cozy. We have a fire pit and roast hot dogs, and of course one can't have a fire without marshmallows, graham crackers and hershey candy bars.. They taste so good. When the grandkids come it's very festive.

My sister-in-law painted the scare crows on picket fence material.. I thought they were so cute. Good thing I have this area in the big shed to store my things.
After I got everything put away, I went to the neighbors house, Lori and we had a cup of hot tea.. She is such a delight.. She is a young gal who is in her early 40's and has 3 children. We had a great time visiting.
A flurry of Crackles moved into the area this morning. My yard is just covered.. I thought they were gone. Guess not.. Couple of weeks my feeders were empty and now I have lots of varity of birds. The junco's are back they are the true winter bird that comes back in the fall. Like the red wing blackbird/robins in the spring. You know spring is here when you see those two birds.. Now we are into winter and the junco's are here. I love the birds and enjoy watching them near the house. Someone asked me why do you feed the birds..they have plenty to eat in the pasture.. I said " I feed the birds because I like to see them right next to the house." I don't want to walk to the pasture in the freezing cold this winter to see them.. Plus they don't sit still for long out there.
Going to Tracie's house today to finish up the garage.. I'll be glad when that project is over. I have lost another 3 pounds doing this, so that is a good thing. We have had gorgeous weather all week long and I'm taking advantage of it so I can get this done...
My son, Rich and my grandchildren (3) will be coming Friday evening.. and stay until Monday.. His girlfriend, Lisa and her 5 year old daughter, Sophie will be coming too. I'm planning a fun filled week-end with them all.. It's been awhile since they were here. So get out the croquet set, gps for geocaching, and the tennis balls for the dog.. And get the fire pit in place for the hot dog roasting and somemores and sitting by the fire.. Guess I'll have to go back and get the lanterns in place. Maybe I can get PaPa Dee Dee to borrow a wagon from the neighbor and drive the tractor in the field for a hayrack ride. Wonder what the moon is doing over the week-end.. WEll, have to look on the calendar.
Well, everyone have a great day...Must get busy.. Ta Ta For Now~!~!


Nicole said...

WOW! Sounds like you are very busy!!

Love fall time too and I am so glad that you already have so many juncos. We have some but not a lot yet.

Love all the yard decorations too!

Great post! Have a great day!! and enjoy your weekend with the family! =)

Home In The Hollow said...

WOW! It sure sounds like you got a lot done today, Annie! Love that lantern idea & that rabbit!!!...:)JP