Thursday, October 28, 2010

Spider Man is here for Halloween~!

When I picked up Ben yesterday from daycare. First thing he said was "Take me to Mama's house, please ".. I said Okey Dokey. It was so windy he had a hard time standing up just to get to the door.. I hurridly got all my stuff gathered and we both got to the door without falling down.
He saw this red thing on the kitchen table and picked it up and said "GranAnnie whats this?".. I said Oh Ben this is your Halloween Costume.. Spider Man.. I no more than said that and he was stripping off his clothes.. I got it on him and put on the mask.. You can see through the mesh and see his eyes.. They are so excited~! Couldn't get the leg over his cast but that's O.K.. It will work..~! He said "I need a mirror".. So I took him to his room where there is a full length mirror.. Oh my ~ he was puffed up.. He started growling.. I told him Spider Man doesn't growl.. So he put both of his arms up and showed off his puffy muscles and then growled. Oh I wished I had taken a picture of that.. He was so cute.
So today he took his costume to pre-school and it will be fun to hear what he has to say when I go and pick him up here in a few minutes.

Went to neighbors house for a cup of tea.. She is so delightful~! We had a great time visiting and sharing ideas on raising children.. She is 43 with 4 children ages from 10 to 18 and I'm 66 with 4 children and all grown up.. Now I have grandchildren. I told her about some of the gals that I look at their blogs and she wrote down the name of their blogs.. I told her I love reading all the ideas, crafts, and things that I learn from these girls. Of course I told her take a look at my blog. Now I wish I had taken a picture of her.. Well, next time I'll do that. We had a great 2 hours of sharing and visiting. She used to ride my school bus when I used to drive . She has 2 sisters and they were always prompt in getting on the bus.. I had a good time and now I have supper in the oven and it's time to go get Ben. I will be taking him to his MaMa's house.
The wind finally quit and now it's just cold outside.. 39 degrees for right now.. It was 26 this morning.. just on the chilly side of my liking. But glad the wind has s-l-o-w-e-d way down. My birds are thankful too. The feeders have been busy after the last 3 days.. Won't have to rake yard this fall. All the leaves blew onto the road and into the neighbors property. Well have to pick up all the limbs and sticks in the yard..which is O.K. that is easier than raking.
Have a great Thursday~~ ta ta for now~!~! from Iowa


rex22lbs said...

Hi Ben - you are tooo cute in your spiderman costume. I love that is has built in muscles and a full mask. He is going to be a hit on Halloween night.

Dawn said...

Oh...tell him we all wish we could share his costume.
Isn;t cold icky? I miss summer.
At least your wind has stopped...can you use the "proper" door now;) ?

(Thanks for your comments on my blog/posts...I wish I could respond to everyone but my internet usage doesn't allow me to be on here more than a certain time out here in the country:( I DO appreciate what you write...and thank you for todays!!!!)

Home In The Hollow said...

Annie, Ben's costume is GREAT! And Spiderman is one of my all time son's favorite!...:)JP