Sunday, October 03, 2010

I'm King of the Hill on the big rock pile...

Here's Ben on the big rock pile yelling his king roar~! R-R-R-Rowl~!~!
He is getting ready to ride on the combine with Steve. This time it's a soybean field.. He's so excited...~!

Here is Steve Martin ready to go tackle the soybeans.. Look he has a walkie talkie and his cell phone clipped onto his sweatshirt.. He is connected...Lol
Ben is so excited. See the rocks next to Ben's feet? While combining Steve said the combine picked up these rocks and they were riding on top of the combine's blades that gather up the soybeans. Not being a farmer I don't know what they are called. So just trust me.

Here is the soybeans before being harvested.. This is the farm where Tracie and Ben live. Ben had a great time and he took two of these pictures .I gave him my camera while he road in the combine.. He took 38 pictures.

Well, I made Chilli when I got home from church.. Got fresh tomatoes out of the garden and some red peppers. It is all ready to eat now and it tastes so good.. my husband usually makes the chilli and after he heard what I was doing he came in to supervise.. So now it's been inspected, slowly cooked and I can hear him in the other room ~ his spoon clinking on the side of the bowl to get the last drop out ...He must of liked it..

Sitting here eating my soup at my computer window I can see the birds.. OH MY I can't believe it~! The Junco's are back.. This is the first winter bird to arrive in the fall before winter. I hope this is not an indication that winter is here... YIKES~!
Oh My goodness, if any of you know the trouble I have had with my fall on the garden hose with Ben and 3 of my teeth were knocked out and crushed into the cement along with my lower lip you will understand just what happened... I took a small bite of bread and my temporary teeth came out.. I went to the bathroom and looked.. YIKES~! with no front teeth that looks awful . I know I'm not suppose to bite on anything ~! . Well good thing the dentist gave me some cement.. I got it out and mixed A with B and mixed them together.. and inserted the cement into the teeth and put them back into my mouth.. Now I'm waiting for the cement to take hold and then I can finish my soup.. Glad this didn't happen at church... But I carry the cement with me wherever I go..I would of just had to rush to the bathroom and perform my mixing there...
There they are back in and secure and now I can get on with my day...~!

Going to Tracie and Ben's house to work on getting things sorted out of her garage , so she can get her car inside...Taking the truck over so we can load it up with the Goodwill stuff.. I'll take it to Goodwill tomorrow.. Have been wanting to get this chore done since she moved in ~ in July.
So today it will be done and Ta Da~!~! her car can go into the garage.

Well, you all have a beautiful Sunday.~! It's 54 degrees here in Iowa and sunny... Very Sunny. Ta ta For Now..~!~!


Home In The Hollow said...

He is just too cute up there! My son used to stand on the Dr's exam table & roar like the Hulk!! I just took out some ground venison to make chili tomorrow!! I am craving it too...:)JP

Dawn said...

I LOVE the picture with the 2 of them!
I have never seen a soybean field before!!!! And here I am drinking soy milk every day:))
Have a wonderful day!