Thursday, October 21, 2010

It's a blue Wednesday~!

Yesterday I went out to lunch with the gal that cuts my hair. We always go out to lunch and talk about a variety of things. Karen is an artist and she makes pottery.. My daughter's birthday was in September and goodness to be I'm just picking up her present. Now Jodie as you look at these two casserole bowls tell me which one you like? Karen says you can bake in them, serve soup in them. I thought they were really pretty and she did a great job. I'll send the one to you ~ you like..just let me know..

After Karen and I had lunch we went back to her shop and she cut my hair.. Oh it needed it so badly.. Getting your haircut just makes one feel so much better. Very uplifting.. no more bad hair days.

I didn't think I had any pictures to put on my blog ..until I remembered the cassarole dishes that are above this picture.
I have a hard time blogging without a picture.. I thought this was so cute of Ben,,and I love Barbie's boar goats. The sun was so bright that day, he still smiled and said "thursday"..that's our new word for getting a great smile.cheese is just not good anymore. Seems that the word thursday they hold the smile longer.
the ideas we have to come up with to get a good smile.

This picture is from a barn I saw while driving down the road on our trip to Pa. this September. I remember my Grandpa used to chew this tobacco.. He loved his chew.
I'll bet those trees in the background are beautiful hues of reds, browns,oranges,yellow right now. I love the mountains of Pa. and all the forests.
Well, yesterday while having lunch with Karen, Tracie (Ben's mom) called me and said Ben was having a bad day at daycare and the director had called to see if someone could pick him up after his nap between 2:00 and 2:30.. I said sure I should be done getting my haircut and I can pick him up.. My sewing machine was in the fix-it shop and not too far from where I was. So I picked it up and then went to get Ben.. It was so cute. One of the girls was reading him a book. He loves to be read to and he loves books. Today(Thursday) we are going to stop by the library to pick up his favorite book "Otis".. It's about a red farmall tractor...(even thou he likes John Deere). He is starting to like the red ones.. After I picked up Ben at daycare we went to Hy-Vee grocery store and got much needed groceries. I had a bunch of pop cans to re-cycle (here in Iowa we get 5cents for each can). So we put the cans into a cart and Ben and I went to that section of Hy-Vee. They have places where you put plastic bottles, cans, glass bottles and there is a door where you insert each item.. We only had cans.. So he helped me put them into the machine and he pushed the button to get a receipt. Da Ta we now have a receipt that says we will get back $2.30 when we get our groceries bought. We had a great time until we got to the check-out counter. WHY do grocery stores put all those candy bars in the places where you check out. He picked up a pkg. of M&M's and threw them across the store... I guess he thought it was a football or something. The check-out boys had a good laugh..Luckily I got him passed the candy and he started helping me with all the things in my cart and putting them on the moving belt where one puts their groceries for check out. Yikes, he was moving faster than the check-out person could go and they started piling up. I finally got him distracted and we paid for those groceries and got out of there but not before he saw the movie section with Thomas the Trains new dvd... Of course, we had to buy it because I had promised him I would next time we went to the store.. So I gave him the money and he bought the dvd all by himself.. He was so proud.. with his DVD in the Hy-Vee bag he proudly walked out of the store, out to the car, into his seat.... Yeah~! Drove to the pick up grocery place and the boys put our groceries into the car.. Now to get to the house get them unpacked put away and get him to his house. Mission accomplished~~! Grandpa Dee Dee was there to help get them in the house. Ben ran to his snack rabbit in the garden and that kept him busy for awhile. Marshmallows with few Starbursts.. he found today.. Thank goodness for the snack rabbit..
Ben's mom, Tracie has school tonight so I take care of Ben while she does that. We had supper and then he watched his new dvd Thomas the Train. He sat there for the whole time. SI was glad for that. We went outside to play. He is running now with the cast and I told Tracie she needs to call the Dr. The flat part of his cast is worn off in the toe area and he is walking on the side of his foot.. Doesn't look good. Hopefully she calls me soon to see what the Dr. had to say.. The rest of the evening we played candy land, Hi Ho cherry-O and Cootie.. then it's time for a game of Super Nintendo "Toy Story". I let him play until he has gone through all his lives (5).. then it's story time and teeth brushing and off to bed... Whew.. this GranAnnie is worn out and ready for bed too. Ben is a busy boy ~!


varunner said...

Oh, those are neat crocks!

Sure sounds like Ben keeps you busy!

Dawn said...

Love that pottery!!!!
All mine is in blue:)
I like the first one...but 2nd I would get too:)

rex22lbs said...

Wow - great pottery and great idea. Thanks Mom - I like the first one. Don't send it to me though because we will probably be home over either Thanksgiving or X-mas just not sure yet. I would hate for it to get damaged. Bennie sure is busy. Thank goodness Tracie and Ben have you. Thanks again - Love ya!

Home In The Hollow said...

I love the blue casserole!! Sure would look nice in my kitchen, Annie!...:)JP

Laura ~Peach~ said...

sounds fun to me love the crocks... very pretty :)

Carolina Trekker said...

The blue crocks are beautiful. Afterwhile Crockodile!!