Monday, October 18, 2010

Ben playing "Toy Story" Nintendo.

Having a lazy day after being with Ben all week-end.. He has had my Super Nintendo game for a month now and he is pretty good playing the games.. He loves Toy Story and Ben's mom, Tracie found this game on Amazon. So Ben & I played the game while his Mom studied.. She is going to school to be a massage therapist.. The good thing is I get free massages...and it feels so good.
Notice the Toy Story poster hanging in his room...He tells Buzz goodnight everynight.. with a flying like Buzz "up to infinity"... His arms are flapping away.. It's so cute. I just have to laugh at him...of course he is laughing too..

He is working on putting stickers on the lego car Tracie bought him.. I wish I had taken picture of the car... He laid out the directions and followed it step by step.. "Do myself" he would say.. He put it together all by himself..
On the box it says for 5+ years old.. He is almost 4.. Nov.12.. Tracie and I just watch with amazment.. he can really get it done "all by himself".

In between Nintendo games we are looking at the pictures on my phone.. He loves to look at Uncle Rich, Kelly, John, Emily , Lisa and her girl Sophia. He loves Aunt Jodie and wanted to call her when he saw her picture. She must of been busy raking leaves in her yard. no answer.
This evening I have supper in the oven... It's called Cavatini.. take Ground Beef, onions, red peppers, mushrooms, 2 cups of cooked rotini noodles. 1 can of tomatoes.. cook it altogether and put in shredded cheddar cheese.. put into a 9x9 casserole dish. put mozzerella cheese on top , cover and bake 350 for 30 minutes ...take cover off and bake another 6 mintues or until cheese is golden brown..
IT's quick and easy and so good.. I put applesauce on the side and Ta Da Supper~!~!
That's the most I have done all day.. IT felt good to do nothing but sit and read all my favorite blogs and have a great time doing that.. Have a great fall day.. It's 57 degrees here in Iowa...sunny and a great fall day~! Ta Ta For Now......


varunner said...

That casserole sounds good. I love easy, stand by casseroles - the type where you always seem to have all the ingredients on hand and can just throw together an hour before dinner.

I've never tried video games with Pierce. I bet he'd like them.

rex22lbs said...

Casserole sounds good. I will have to try it when Matt comes to work for Mark. Love the pictures of Bennie - he is tooooo cute.

Laura ~Peach~ said...

supper sounds delish!!!!!!!!!
he is so adorable!