Thursday, April 11, 2013

Ben Playing with his Big Red Ball

Spring is trying to come to Iowa.. It's a fairly warm day for Ben to go outside and jump on his trampoline.. He loves to take his mom's exercise ball out and play with it on the trampoline.
He is growing taller and getting bigger .  Can't believe that he is 6 and Kindergarten is almost over for this year.. His testing showed that he is reading at 1st grade level and 2nd grade math.. He is very smart.  We love to play cards, board games and of course Mario on the WII game and Mindcraft on my kindle fire.. I don't play Mindcraft but I do enjoy watching him play the game.. This must be a very popular game right now with kids..  
       It's been raining almost everyday here in Iowa...IT gets a little tiring but know that it is replenishing our well with water after the severe drought we had this last summer.  The creeks and rivers are running a little high.. The other day as I was driving through our town , it was raining and 3 little boys had their fishing poles and buckets running toward the river. I guess when it's raining the fish bite easier... Hope so,, they sure did look excited to get to the river and throw their fish lines into the water..
       My tulips are coming up and that is a good sign.. The birds are singing their spring mating songs and it's good to hear the Cardinal tell us how beautiful he is..and to have him say "Hi" with his "What Cheer"..."What Cheer"..  Awe the sounds of Spring.. now if the weather would just warm up and the sun to shine more than one day...that would be so nice.. I can hardly wait to go outside without a jacket.  
         Last Saturday I was raking under the lilac bush and getting all the old sunflower seed shells cleaned up and 1 truck and 2 cars drove into the driveway.. It was the Boy Scouts...troop 57.  They were here to help me clean up the yard.. Every year they have a day where they go and help people with cleaning up their yards or washing windows, or whatever you would like them to do for you.. They just ask for donations.  In 1 1/2 hour they had my whole yard cleaned, sticks picked up and pine cones and corn cobs raked up.  It looked really really good when they were finished and it just made me so happy and grateful.. I paid them and they all thanked me.. It was a good day... I plan on having them come back in the fall and help with the fall yard cleanup.. It was worth every dollar I paid them..they did a great job~!...
          Time to get ready for tomorrow..Going to go to Springville School to help Mrs. Wittenburg with the 2nd graders.. I just helping these kids.. They are so much fun~!
ta ta for now from Iowa:)