Friday, October 01, 2010

A visit with Ben to the Waltz'n Meadows goat farm.

I picked up Ben this afternoon from daycare. We first had to stop at the ice cream shop and have his favorite ice cream~ Chocolate Mint... He also has changed his size of cone.. It's used to be a baby cone and now it's the sugar cone...We only get one scoop..We played a game of checkers while he had his cone.. (GranAnnie didn't have one).. He won.. He doesn't know how to play checkers ~ so we played how he thought it should be done and after all the checkers were off the board he announced "I WON">> Lol.. we had fun that is all that matters..
We then stopped by the Waltz'n Meadows Goat Farm where Barb and her hubby Jeremy raise Boar Goats. I brought my good camera Nikon D40 and Ben put the strap around his neck and off he went snapping pictures.. He took almost 30 photos and they were all really good. It almost looks like the goats were posing for him.. He loves to take pictures. One goat named Cassy had twin babies. He really liked them..

Take a look at this pose.. I should enter this in a contest to ask ~what you think this goat is thinking.. He looks quiet happy and even has a smile on his face...

Here's MaMa Cassy,, with her babies..

Ben is pointing to the babies to show them where their MaMa is standing. They liked to chew on the hem of his new Ohio State Shirt.
He thought that was really fun. He enjoyed the goats and he especially likes to take the pictures.. I think he does a really good job.
We stayed for about an hour and then it was time to go home and think about supper..
Got my house all cleaned today and a lot of windows washed.. It took me almost all day.. Yikes~! With being retired I can't say it will be nice to have it clean for the week=end.. I have everyday off and the days just run into another day except for Sunday.. Now that's the day saved for God.. I love going to church and see my church friends.
Tomorrow Dave and I are going to an auction. My friend ~ Leone Coons who died this year at 102 ~ this is her belongings. Her grandchildren have gathered it all together and it's all on wagons ready for the sale tomorrow. I'll go for a little while just to pay my respects.. I miss her so...she was fun to talk with and we always had bible study once a week.She drove her car until she was 100. She had a small garden and froze strawberries after she herself picked them.. She was a "I can do it myself" kind of gal.. She had a beautiful flower garden and loved it if you took a walk with her around her garden so she could show off all her flowers. I'm sure there will be lots of people at the sale tomorrow and one can hear lots of stories about Leone and her husband John.. he died 14 years ago. It will be fun to hear all the stories that people remember. John was a farmer and Leone was a school teacher.. She taught in a one room school house when she was young and then when she got older she taught in the public school in Springville.. Iowa..
Ben will be riding the combine tomorrow with the boys... Tracie called me this evening and said Albert called and told her they would be combining the soybeans at her place tomorrow.. He said Ben could come and ride with them.on the combine. It's going to take two days to combine all those soybeans where Tracie lives. Ben will be in his height of glory.. He called me and said "GranAnnie ~! I need the camera"... What a boy~!
Have a great Saturday everyone... Ta Ta For Now~!

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Home In The Hollow said...

Remind Ben that Christmas is coming soon!!! I LOVE the close-up and the one with the twins!...:)JP