Saturday, October 23, 2010

Ben getting new cast~ with Nibbles

It's Friday . Took Benny to the Dr. office to have a look at his cast. He has worn the toe part off where he walks to where it's making it hard to walk. It hurts him to walk on it and now he is back to crawling. 9 o'clock is the appointment. and Off we go.~!
He is getting so heavy to carry that when we get inside I find a wheel chair for him to sit. HE is loving this..~! His name is called and off we go to the room where the nurse will be looking at his cast. Two girls come in and decide he needs a new cast. I thought when they brought out the saw or whatever that thing is called they cut the cast off with would scare him... He said "That tickles" and laughs.. Cast is off and everything looks good. A little amount of sand on his leg and he laughs,,bottom of his foot is wrinkled... "Wrinkled he says like a raisen". His foot sweats and causes moisture and of course it wrinkles... I was so glad that everything looked good.. So on goes the new cast sock and all the gook that goes with applying a cast. His leg is hurting and he tells them.. "Hurt-hurt". SO I start tellling him a story that he likes about Dixie and her beloved bunny called Knuffle Bunny go and visit Oma and Ofa in Holland with his mom and dad.. Good thing I remember all the story, I ask him questions about what is next in the story and he is now focused on trying to remember. Plus I bring out the stars.. The daycare made a rectangle paper with 4 stars velcrowed on it to let him know about how long something will take.. So I told the gal that was applying the cast to let him know when he could take off a star. (I love this idea). So between me telling him the story and the nurse saying 'Take off a star" his mind was occupied. Ta Da 4th star off and we are all done. Ben is a happy guy. He hops back into the wheel chair with my help and we can now leave. He wants to go to McDonalds.
So GranAnnie goes to McDonalds and gets him a sauceage sandwich and hashbrown with chocolate milk.. M-that was good , he ate it all. We then went to Wal-mart his favorite store. I bought him one more train to go with his Thomas the Train and a buzz light hand held video game.. This game is so cool~! Took him to his Mommy's home and we made a marble picture on paper with temera paints.. That was pretty cool. Infact we made several. He put together his 100 piece puzzle . He has put this puzzle together so many times he just knows where the pieces go. He is so smart.. Very good with eye /hand coordination. We had a great day and I even got him to take a nap... He is now walking on the cast and everything is back to normal.. He is running again...2 more weeks of the cast and then well see if the bone has healed. Like he says "To Infinity and Beyond"... What a boy.~!


rex22lbs said...

Good thing Nibbles went along. That rabbit sure has been on many adventures with Ben.

Laura ~Peach~ said...

awww excellent time plan :)

Home In The Hollow said...

You know, Annie, kids are just so resilient, aren't they? Now I know why us "seniors" like acting like kids!!!...:)JP

Amber M. said...

What a brave little guy! You thought of everything to make his day go smoothly, too.

Thank you for the kind comment on my blog. It is so nice to have people who understand first-hand how hard losing a family member is. Your words meant more than you know.

Have a good weekend!

Dawn said...

Awwww....he looks very brave!!!;)
What adventures he seems to have:) (And you too I suppose;)

Thanks for your comment on my blog...and yep- those things were caramel apples with smarties:)))

Carolina Trekker said...

You and Ben have a share a sweet bond. When he is grown he will have wonderful memories of the fun times you share to carry with him. The "Stars" clock is a brilliant idea...give his teacher a Dove Reward? :)