Friday, February 25, 2005

Does your head itch?

Today Maria called me and said "Guess What?" I said m-m-m-? O.K. tell me.. She said all the kids have head lice. Oh my, my head starting itching all over. She said, I should comb my hair with a fine comb and then look at it and see if I saw any lice. No lice that I can see. She said Kelly has it the worst. She must of had it for a long time. Well, I'll have to keep tract of my scalp. I was there for 12 days. Have only been home for 10 days. Oh just the thought makes me itch~! Sure am glad that I didn't use their brushes to comb my hair while I was there. It gives me the ebee jeebees just thinking about the little guys crawling all over your head. Can you go blind if you get infested with them? lose your hair? Oh my, just hope I don't get those little creepy crawling things.

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Big Fat Mouse

This morning when I woke up I came downstairs and made my first cup of coffee. There is nothing like a cup of coffee to start my day. It's like your whole body says AHHHHH~!~! While making the coffee I looked below my kitchen sink to see if a mouse had been trapped in the mouse trap. Yikes~! there was one mouse and it was huge. It's eyes were bugged out and it was dead. So I took the mouse out of the trap and threw it out the back door into the snow. I thought when I go out to feed the birds I'll take him out to the field.
I went out to feed the birds, the feeders were all empty. While I was at it I cleaned the feeders with my bird feeder brush. There were some port holes that were cloggled. I got all the bird feeders and the suet feeders with new food and I came in the house to get water for the bird bath. As I was headed to go out back door there was a huge red-tailed hawk swooping down from above and landing near the mouse. I ran to get my camera, but by the time I got the camera on, the hawk had the mouse in it's talon's and it was flying off to a nearby tree. So I tried to take a picture of it in the tree, but Mr. Hawk flew off with it's big ole fat mouse. WOW~! I was so surprised. The hawk was so big and was so close. So I took camera and took pictures of his feet prints in the snow. They were huge. When Dave came home I showed him the pictures of the feet prints and asked him if he knew what kind of bird made those prints. He said it looked like a chicken. (We don't have chickens). When I told him he said that was a good way of getting rid of my dead mice.
I called Rich and he said I should throw out some chicken meat tomorrow. Have camera ready and take the picture. Maybe tomorrow I'll get another mouse.

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Flamingo's Dancing

If you hummed the nutcracker suite out loud, you could watch the flamingo's dancing back and forth like balerina's. Round and round, doing their perets, spelling wrong) they were so pink they were almost red. They would go into the water and then come back to the beach area. Dancing left and then right. Oh they were so much fun to watch.
They only lay one egg in a mudd mound. Won't it be fun here in the spring when they hatch their eggs we can see little flamingo's. If you want to see the flamingo's go to www.smithsonianzoo and go to the animal cam's that are there and you will find all kinds of animals. Pandas', baby cheetahs, gorilla's, elephants, girraff's, flamingo's, and other zoo animals, it's a window into the zoo that you can see on the internet right in your own home. Cool m-m-?

Izzy the Bisquit Eater

The last morning at Richard's house I decided to make bisquits for breakfast for everyone. The grandchildren loved them, lots of butter, jelly and almost all of it dripping down the chin. Such bliss to be a child again and not care that butter and jelly are dripping down the chin onto a clean shirt. Grab a napkin~Quick and catch those drips. Too late.
Walked the kids to school with the thought of coming home and having one of those bisquits with my morning coffee. As I was coming into the house I heard Rich say, "OH MY GOODNESS"~! I turned the corner just in time to see Izzy the dog, licking her lips. You could almost hear her say," "M-m-m- that was good, is there anymore?"
She ate the rest of the bisquits (8) and a whole stick of butter. Reality came quick as Rich said "Izzy, go to your bed, you bad dog". I laughed,and told him, "Well it comes with getting food under the table. When the kids don't like what's on their plate they put it on their spoons and spoon by spoon feed it to Izzy." So why not go for the top of the table. Can't you just imagine how a dog thinks ~"No one is here, breakfast must be over. So I'll just get what is left over." Sounds reasonable for a dog m-? I just laughed and thought of all the dogs we had when our kids were younger and they fed the dog under the table. It's a food chain.
I think what is so funny,is that Izzy only gets 2 cups of dogfood a day to keep her slim. It's a good thing. With the dogfood and peoplefood she gets daily she will become a little lumpy and bumpy. I think that is called love handles.

Thursday, February 10, 2005

Seeing Black and White

This morning while walking the kids to school this very ambitious black and white dog almost plowed us over. IT was jumping all over the place, jumping on us, jumping in circles and being crazy. I said to John, "John, this dog looks just like Izzy?". He says, "Grannie Annie ~it is Izzy". I said, "Good Grief". One of the neighbors saw our plight and ran out with a leash. Of course Izzy fought the leash, but after giving her a cookie that I had in pocket, she came to her senses and let me put the leash on her neck. After that I felt like my arms were coming out of their sockets. Izzy was pulling me to school with the kids. She is so strong. Kelly said, "Here Grannie Annie give her to me". I said "No Kelly" she will drag you to school without stopping. After the kids went into the school, Ms. Izzy calmly walked home with me at the end of her leash. What a dog~!
Filled up the feeders this morning. The Red bellied Woodpecker was bawling me out for it's feeder being empty. What a sqawk he has. The squirrels were rushing across the wires at the sound of the feeders being filled. They are very acrobatic. Jumping like leap frogs over each other to see who could get to the feeder first. They have grey squirrels here, they are so pretty.

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

squirrels are alive

Here in Chicago the squirrels were so hungrey at South Cook Street that when I went out to feed them they came just a scurrying. Do you know how they get to the tall feeders? They stand on each others backs to get to the food. They take turns so everyone gets something to eat. Isn's that nice..No one goes hungry.
The Cardinals are making their Spring call, birdy, birdy, birdy~! Music to my ears. The black capp chickadees are very busy , flitting to the feeders and then grabbing some sunflowers and dasing off. They are so sweet.
It snowed here in Barrington, Illinois and it's so pretty. I love it when it snows you can go tracking. Have you ever been tracking? I saw that Blues Clues was in the driveway. Tracks all over the place. Blues Clues is a dog. I saw some tiny bird tracks they looked so sweet. Other tracks sighted was something that looked like it had slid from the road all the way to the garage. It went uphill. It was made by a small boy pushing the recycle box back to the house. ha ha.
have a great day. Love your blogspot My favorite sister.

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Audubon State Park

Did you know that you can visit John James Audubon State Park in Henderson, Kentucky? Dave that could be a stop you could make on your way here next October.
Audubon lived in Henderson from 1810 to 1819. If you are there at the right time of year you can enjoy the migration of birds. There is a 6 1/2 mile hiking trail that winds through the nature preserve. There are more than 200 species of birds that have been observed along the trails.. If you would like to stay at the Audubon State Park, rent one of the park's six fully equipped cottages or reserve a campsite. There you have it a place to go and enjoy birding...