Monday, August 31, 2009

When Mommy got home tonight to pick up Ben

When Tracie came this evening to pick up Ben he was so happy. I showed her how he was trying to read the Thomas the Train books that I had picked up at the library last Friday. They are easy readers. Of course he couldn't read them , but he sure was telling us all about what he thought was going on in the books. He loves Thomas the Train and all the other engines.. At his house he has a train table that has the tracks, lighthouse, mountain that blows up,swinging bridge and lots more stuff. He plays and plays with all his trains. He knows all their names.
Rocco was feeling lonely so he jumped up on my lap and it made for a perfect picture of Ben,Rocco and Grannie Annie. Rocco gets to come to Gran-Annies house when Ben comes on Mon. Tues. Fridays.

Today Dave, Ben and I drove to Jesup, Iowa to pick out the new color steel that is going on our pole shed. We stopped at this farm store where there was a beautiful parrot named "Checkers".
He was saying "Hello" to us as we entered the store. Ben thought this parrot was pretty cool until it got on my shoulder. I just laughed,,this is the first thing that Ben the fearless has a fear for.. I just thought it was so funny. This parrot wanted to get close to Ben so bad.. No Way~! Ben didn't want anything to do with this bird. We looked at all the toy John Deere tractors which Ben just loves.. He had 6 boxes of tractors laid out on the floor for Grandpa Dee Dee to buy.. One tractor was $35.. Needless to say we told ALL the tractors good-bye and got to the car fast. We had a great day.. stopped at Burger king on the way home. Ben had 4 chicken strips and fries and a chocolate milk shake.. his favorite. lots of ketsup please.. We arrived home just in time for his afternoon nap.. 1 1/2 hour today. When he got up he was a happy boy.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Lazy Daisy Day~!

Went to church this morning and sang all my favorite songs.. I love the singing. Pastor Jack's sermon this Sunday was right on target... at least for me.. He talked about that when we die we can't take any of our stuff with us.. I decided that the best thing I can do is go through my stuff and pass it on. I pity my children when I die,,they are going to say "What did Mom save this for?" I always think I will need something for a rainy day.. I heard from someone that if you don't use something for 6 months pass it on or get it out of your house. I have a lot of that. Well, what do you do with all the children't books you collected.. I love children's books. This week I'm going to try and take one room at a time and take everything out of the room and sort it all out.. Place into three piles: Keep, Pass On,, Throw away~! My brother sent me a big box of chicken/turkey wish bones.. There must be over 200 of those little/big wish bones. Now what does a person do with those.. When you open the box ~ it smells like chicken.. My sister thinks I should spray them with lacque and put them in caches for geocaching.( Can't put anything in a cache that has a food smell.. Raccoons will pry open the container and yum yum... But with lacque sprayed on them maybe the smell will be covered.

My friend , Carrol called me today and asked if I had any tomatoes.. I said "No". this year it's been so cold that and rainy the tomatoes have not grown very well. The peppers are going strong and the brocolli.. I think I must have a rabbit in the garden.. The tomatoes I do have there are little teeth marks on those tomatoes. Looks just like buck teeth that a rabbit has in it's mouth.. I think it looks so cool.

Ben will be here in the morning ready for a tractor ride. He loves the John Deere's that Grandpa Dee Dee has in the shed. Just open the door and he climbs on them like he owns them. The first time he went into the shed he had to have help getting up on those tractors. Not anymore.. Ben is 2 1/2 years old and has no fear of anything.. He runs instead of walking and is really busy. We call him "Rascal Shorts".

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Flowers in Bloom~!~!

Flowers are in bloom in my garden and it is so beautiful.. I was trying to get a picture of the bunny that lives in this garden. He would not peek out of the sedum so I could get a picture. He was in the yard earlier eating fresh lettuce that I put out for him. He would not let me take his picture today . I just got the flowers. So enjoy them and know that it's only 68 degrees again today. Nice fall day..

The summer guests

Today I sat outside in the yard to read my book. "The Lost Choice". written by Andy Andrews.. Great book , everyone should read this book. While sitting outside I could see one pair of ground squirrels running from the garden to the house to the garden and back to a hole next to where I was sitting. I have another pair that lives in the big rock next to the driveway.. They would run from the bird feeder to the house and then back to the rock. Whenever these two pairs saw each other they would chase each other all over the back yard.. When they would meet and get close to each other they would kick box and roll each other over and over in the yard. It was so fun watching them.. They were both busy gathering black oil sunflower seeds and taking them to their nests.. Their mouths and pouches were chuck full of seeds. I went into the house and got some marshmallows. I threw them into the yard..It was so fun watching them trying to carry them and then to get them down their hole to their nest. It was great entertainment. What a treat~! Won't be long and winter will be here and they will hibernate ~! But they will have plenty to eat ~ sunflowers seeds and for dessert marshmallows.

Maybe tomorrow I'll put some cheetos out in the yard.. It will be fun to see how they get those big puffy orange sticks into their nest..

My Goldfinches have been very busy at the feeders.. I have to fill my feeders everyday now.. The males are bright yellow now and they just shine so bright at the feeders. I'm sure they are busy with their babies as the milk weed has busted open and all the seeds are flying. Great nesting material for them. The Hummingbirds love the milk weed too.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Picnicing & Playing in the Park

Today Tracie, Ben and I went geocaching and only found two.. Lunch time came and I had packed some things for us to eat.. We stopped at a park where Ben could play on the swings, slides and climbing fearlessly on anything that had a step. He has no fear when it comes to playing on playground equipment.. He has so much fun and it's so much fun to watch...
We had a break in the playtime and we ate peanut butter and dill pickle sandwiches, chips, and plums for a fruit.. He wouldn't let me take a picture of him eating the pickle.. He took one bite and ohhhh-weee what a face.. pucker up ~ shake the head and spit spit spit.. He just wanted peanut butter on his sandwich..
He loved the plum.. It's a very sunny day and very nice out.. 68 degrees.. It almost feels like fall weather now and seems so strange. August usually is in the 80-90's and lots of humidity.. This is really nice...
He had lots of fun playing and climbing and when it was time to go he had a hard time saying 'Goodbye to the swings, slides and the alligator. I told him we will come back another day...He said sadly "O.K."

Yummy Sweet Corn

Here is Ben eating his sweet corn. He is 2 1/2 years old and he loves his corn.
I take care of Ben on Mon. Tues and Fridays.. We have lots of fun. His favorite thing to do is go outside into the big shed and get on the John Deere Tractors.. Grandpa Dee Dee ~ that is what Ben calls him.. Grandpa's name is Dave. They go out first thing after Ben has his breakfast and Dave gives him a ride on the 530 John Deere in the pasture down to the creek and back.. You can hear G-Dee Dee telling him where everything is on that tractor.. gas cap, fly wheel, exhaust pipe, brake, steering wheel and all the other parts on the tractor. Ben is repeating everything Grandpa Dee Dee is saying.. So cute. Ben is being trained to love tractors ~ especially John Deeres..
When I put him down for a nap he brings out his favorite magazine "Green Magazine". It's a monthly magazine about John Deere tractors. I read to him and he just loves it. He also likes the magazine called "Two Cylinder"..That also is all about tractors.. Yesterday we read all about brakes on a John Deere. Ben loves it~! maybe someday he will be the owner of his own John Deere or maybe Grandpa Dee Dee will just give him one of his..
Grannie Annie is teaching him about the birds.. Yesterday the goldfinches were heavy on the feeders outside the window in the living room. He would say Goldfishes when he saw them.
then he would giggle.. This morning I was noticing on the picture window lip imprints.. Ben likes to put his lips on the window and breath on it and make breath marks on the window. He thinks that is such fun. There are Ben's lips all across the window from left to the right. I just left them on there for now. They look so cute.
Today we are going to go geocaching. I called his Mom to see if they were up and I could hear Ben in the background saying "Hi GranAnnie". What a wonderful gift God gave us~! Grandchildren are such a treasure and I love all my grandchildren. all 7 of them.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Hummingbirds are busy

Today I sat in the lawn chair for 1 1/2 hours watching the hummingbirds drink at the 2 feeders that I have.. Won't be long and they will be gone. I keep my feed out until I don't see them for several days.. Last year they were still here at the end of October. They are in the garden quite a bit drinking the sweet juice from the Cone Flowers, and the Zenia's. I love these little birds. They look so fragile but they are really strong.
The goldfinches are in big numbers now .. The Red-Wing-Blackbirds, Grackles, Starlings have all migrated.. It seems early for them to be gone.. So now the goldfinches and house finches are in their glory because they don't have to fight the big black birds for the black oil sunflower seed.
Today was a high of 63 degrees and very chilly. Rained until noon and then the sun came out and made everything look green. Had to wear a jacket while sitting in the back yard watching the birds.