Thursday, October 14, 2010

Ben jumping on hay bales~~~Opps~! He fractured his leg.

While Rich was here ~on Sunday, we went to the E-I-E-I-O farm to do a little geocaching. While there, the kids ~ John, Kelly, Emily, Sophia and Ben decided it looked fun to go jumping on the huge hay bales. They are the big round ones.. There were probably 20 of these bales stacked next to each other. Ben was showing off his skill of jumping and jumping from one to the other.. OPPS~! he missed and poor thing hit wrong. Tracie (his mom) and Dad (Cory) took him to the Dr. the next day. The Dr. sent him to a bone specialist and after X-rays.. discovered Ben had fractured his tibia on the outside of his leg right above his ankle.. Poor guy.. It has slowed him down a little..
I saw Ben this evening.. (Thursday). His cast was itching him.. Cory said at daycare he played in the sand.. One of the helpers said 'We should of put a plastic bag over his leg ". I think that would be a YES~! the sand is going to be quite an irritation to him for the next 2 weeks.. I felt up as far as I could inside his cast and you can feel the grit of the sand.. Yikes~! I told Tracie maybe she needs to call the Dr. and see if his leg well be O.K with that sand in there.

Ben put this puzzle together.. on the box it says for 6+ ages.. He loves puzzles.. Glad he had something to take his mind off of the cast.. It's starting to itch.. Poor guy.

Ta Da ~!~! See GranAnnie I can follow directions.. This was a lego puzzle. It had a diagram picture for each step. He looked at the picture and snapped all the pieces together..
For a boy at 3 1/2 I think his motor skills are good.
I love his face~! smarty pants..


varunner said...

Oh, poor Ben! I can't imagine how awful that sand would feel in there. Hopefully the time will go by quickly and healing will be perfect.

Laura ~Peach~ said...

do call the dr sand will work like sandpaper and cut his skin all to bits and can cause a nasty infection... hugs and tgif

rex22lbs said...
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rex22lbs said...

Hi Bennie! Good Job on the puzzle you really love to figure things out. Love you

Carolina Trekker said...

Ahhh...Leggos!! We have piles of them in the attic. Time to watch yard sales for Leggos for Ben. I will keep an eye out for them here in South Carolina.

Brandon Hirn said...

Oh poor baby can he wiggle his toes?