Friday, October 08, 2010

Rich and his new gal and family are coming ~!

I'm so excited. ~! Rich called me yesterday and said he and Lisa were coming to Iowa for the week-end.. Richard's wife died with cancer last year and he met a new gal.. Lisa is a wonderful gal.. She has a girl named Sophia age 5.. Rich has John age 13, Kelly age 11 and Emily age 9. John texted me a short time ago and said they were going to be here in an hour and 45 minutes.. I told him get ready we were going to make pies tomorrow.. He said that would be fun~! Dave , Lisa and Rich are going golfing tomorrow.. So GranAnnie has the kids. We are going to walk to the creek. then make the pies.. I bought the girls beading stuff so they can make bracelets or necklaces.

I bought this cement deer at Leone's sale.. She died this year at 102..her things went on sale at a auction last week-end.. Leone would every fall have me put this deer in her house. She called it Bambi.. and every spring I would bring it back outside. So for $10 I bought this little deer.. I have him sitting in front of our garage and when I'm in the kichen doing dishes I can see my little deer.. Brings back good memories of Leone.. She was a wondeful lady... (She was still driving a car at 100 years old..) She was remarkable.
I sure am glad that last Friday I got the itch to clean my house like company was coming. Today it was really easy to pick up and do a little cleaning to have the house ready for Rich and Lisa.. This morning I went to the dentist because yesterday I snezzed and my temporary front teeth fell out of my mouth and broke.. Oh my,, that was an awful feeling.. Ben thought I really looked funny and laughed at me with my teeth gone. So today the dentist made me new temporary teeth and I'm back to my smile again.. I get the permanent ones that are being made on Oct. 26th.. That will be nice.
Then I went to the grocery store and got all the food for all of us to eat for the week=end.. Sloppy Joe's for tomorrow and then Dave is going to make his famous spagetti sauce.. Sunday I'll make a chicken rice casserole. I bought all the fixings for somemores for our fire on Saturday night.. That will be fun~! The lanterns are filled and ready to hang into the tree for that warm cozy feeling. Good thing about this time of year ,,no bugs..
Boy have you been outside??? the stars are magnificent... they are so bright.. Jupitor is in full bloom and is very bright... I took my binoculars out and looked at it and it was really bright.. Someday I'll get me a good telescope and I will really be able to look at the moon, planets and the stars.
The house is ready and I'm now just waiting for my family to arrive.. It will be a noise of laughter and "HI's" kisses and hugs. and gather all their things into the house. Lots of talking and then settle into bed and get a good nights sleep. Time will go fast ~! But I will love them and make lots of memories while they are here.
Have a great week=end... Ta Ta For Now~!~!~!


rex22lbs said...

Have fun with Rich and the gang. Be sure to give everyone a big hug from me. Mark's sister Kathy and husband Andy are here visiting from Colorado. We sat out by the fire tonight and enjoyed the stars. Love ya!

Dawn said...

Have a WONDERFUL Time!
There;s nothing quite like visit-time with family:)
Happy weekend!

Home In The Hollow said...

It sure sounds like you're going to have fun with Rich & family...:) JP