Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Yesterday neighbor girl Lori called me and said "Can you help me today?" I said "Sure , What's up".. She had found these three wooden bookshelves on Craig List. They were in Vinton, Iowa. These bookshelves used to be at the blind school that is no more.. I feel bad for those parents because this was a great school for your child to go to and learn... I said "Well I have to be back before 2:30.. She said we can do that.. So she picked me up at 11 and off we went.. There were 7 bookshelves 7 foot tall and had 6 shelves.. We picked out 2 of the best ones and loaded them up into her suburban.. She was really uncertain that these were going to work.. I said,,with a little elbow grease and some Old English Oil you will be surprised.. So she called me this morning. She scrubbed them up and put the oil on them and her books were on the shelf.. She was so excited..~! She said they were going to be great in her basement family room and these shelves costing only $50 a peice was a perfect buy.. These shelves were solid wood and of course were very heavy... But they were solid and not that fabricated wood that they make nowadays. She was happy and I was glad I was able to give her an extra hand.
When I got home I went over to Holly's house and picked up Jackie to take her to get her daughter from Kindergarden at school.. As we were driving ~ Jackie was telling me her goals and what she wanted to do with her life. Her first priority was her girls.. I thought that was good.
She said that earlier that day her and Holly tried to find a car for her to buy.. So be praying for that idea...They didn't find anything yesterday.. but they are still going to try and find something. Today Jackie is driving Holly and Fred's old van (that is what Fred drives back and forth to work)... he is using the suburban for right now. Jackie still is in disbelief that we are helping her in such a loving way and has taken her under our wing to be with her and her children.. When one has not never received true unconditional love it's hard to understand.. We are strangers to her. I gave Holly some money to use to help with groceries.. We are trying our best to show her that we care and we are praying that she won't go back with this stupid idiot and live in the house with him... SO far so good.. She doesn't want to go back with him.. He threw her out ~! but he tells her he misses her.. Yeah right~ he misses having someone to beat on with his words in mentally abusing her. This is something new to Holly and I and we are just praying for God to help us with this new adventure we are doing in helping Jackie and her girls.. She has NO one and I mean no one.. Poor thing she has NO self esteem.. but she knows she wants something better for her and the girls.. Just be praying for this whole situation .

Took care of Ben last night while Tracie went to school He was so much fun~! We played UNO card game for kids and colored in the coloring book. Of course we played Super Nindento before he went to bed.. It was so nice to see him again.. His other grandma gave him a haircut and he looked so cute. I haven't seen him for 4 days... Tracie bought him a Luigi stuffed doll on the internet.. He was so excited.. He had Tracie write his name under one of the feet. He got that from Andy on toy story.. She said Ben took Luigi with Nibbles this morning with him to Pre-School/daycare.. He loves Luigi... He tells Luigi "You and Nibbles are my best friend' and GranAnnie is my favorite person"... Oh it melts my heart when he says that..Grandchildren are a gift from God..
Today Dave and I are going to Belmond Iowa. The National Plowing Matches are going to be held there in Sept.. So we have places to check out and people to talk with.. We are planning on staying the night don't know how late the meeting this evening will be and we will be ready to either stay the night or drive home. 2 1/2 hours.
Have a tiggeriffic day~! Ta Ta For now...from Iowa


varunner said...

You might try calling the local domestic violence shelter to see if they could sit down with Jackie to do some counseling and discuss safety issues. It would be good for her to work on the safety stuff some with a professional. They might help her find strength in the midst of the ex's coaxing and begging.

texwisgirl said...

Oh, good suggestion by varunner. You and your friend have bitten off a lot here with Jackie and her girls, and a professional might be able to help bolster everything she has at her disposal. God bless her and you!

JDaniel4's Mom said...

I hope Jackie get the help she needs to not go back.

Love that Ben has his name on his doll.

Thanks for the mittens tips. I needed them.

gld said...

What a loving, kind thing you and your friend are doing.

I agree with the others. I would be contacting Social Services and seeing what help is available to her and her children.. I don't mean you should forsake her, just get some professional advice and help.
She has a long road ahead and could probably use some counseling.