Monday, January 10, 2011

Good Morning from Iowa~!

This week-end was such a shocker of what can happen when someone becomes so obsessed with killing someone. It's just hard to believe that something like this happens.. So many lives were lost and so many families were affected by this. The congresswoman Gabriele Gifford, that is in the hospital fighting for recovery from Arizona.. being shot in the head like that ~ it's just remarkable that she is alive. I would call it a miracle from God. I am saddened by the young man who was engaged and going to get married soon. The judge who just stopped by after going to church to give his support to Senator Gifford. The 9 year old little girl saddens my heart the most.. To lose a young child like this would be so awful and hard to recover from for along time. I know how hard it is to lose one of your children as it happened to me 15 years ago with a traffic accident. Wally was 33 at the time. He loved the Lord so I know he is with God and I'll see him again another day..

Our freedoms are being jeopardized here in America.. With 30 states in financial trouble and so many people out of jobs , and with our government spending money like their hair is on fire.. they need to be reminded on how they got in office . The only real assurance that we have is our faith in God... and prayer..

God Bless America ~ land that I love ~ stand beside it and guide her ~ through the night with a light from above..From the mountains, to the prairies, to the oceans , white with foam..God Bless America. My home sweet home.. God Bless America. My home sweet home.. That song just went through my mind..I remember when Kate Smith would sing this song.. It finally came to be her signature . The song was written by Irving the 1900's.

I love that song... Was talking just now with a wonderful man, Dick Pederson , he has such a great attitude and wonderful love for the Lord.. He just makes my day when he calls me. His laughter is contagious and the way his thinks is so refreshing. I told him how some people just like to sit and worry.. My thoughts on that is ~ I'm glad there are people that do this ~ frees me to not have to do all that stewing and worry.. Worrying is something that causes fear in your mind and then it causes you to have health problems.. Dick called me to tell me that he is getting his reservations in order to go to Sweden for the World Ploughing Matches. Dick and his wife, Marilyn live in DesMoines and they will meet us in Chicago to then fly to Sweden on the same plane. It's going to be an exciting trip.. We are going to take the train from Stockholm to Mjolby, Sweden and I told him I'm going first class on the train.. cost me a little more but it's only money.. He laughed and said you are right about that.. I figure this is the only time I'll be taking a train like this and I'm going first class..

Mr. Rooster just sprinted to the feeder.. He is so funny. You can see him running from the field across our yard to the feeder.. As soon as he gets here he looks around and around to see if he is safe. Then he hunkers down to eating ~ eating~ eating.. He will be here for 45 minutes unless he gets spooked by something, then off he will run like his hair is on fire back to the field. Sprinting with all his heart.. His legs flying underneath him like propellers.
Have a tiggeriffic day~! ta ta for now from Iowa....


Carolina Trekker said...

LOL...your not the only one traveling First Class...Mr.Rooster found a First Class Breakfast Bar!!

Tracy said...

Yes, what happened this weekend was such a very sad!
You know, I once heard a comment by someone that said, 'Worrying is an insult to God!' and while I've never thought about it, it is acutally true...means we aren't putting all our faith in Him, so I try not to be a worrier.

Have a wonderful trip to Sweden. My grandmother use to take the train everywhere she went; across the US and in foreign countries; she lived by it as the top form of transportation. I guess it helped that my Grandfather worked for the railroad.
Have a blessed day!

Dawn said...

I never heard the news...but sounds dreadful. Our world sure can be a mess!!!
I hope you have a wonderful day.....and thanks for the positive words here as well!!!!

JDaniel4's Mom said...

I loved reading about your flying rooster. The trip sounds wonderful.

I am praying too.

Home In The Hollow said...

Annie, wasn't it just awful! It's such a shock to hear of such goings on in this country. So many radicals that go over the edge and for what? Is it that important to kill another human being? Makes me sick!...:)JP

Jo said...

Sooo sad!


Nancy said...

I fear Mr. Rooster will be too fat to fly away from any hunter that may cross his path. I hope he learns to waddle quickly. ;)

Joycee said...

Reading the comments on this great post..Tracy says, "Worrying is an insult to God!" So true, so true. The events of last weekend are just added to the list of the many things we should be in deep prayer about. I still remember the pride and the lump I used to get in my throat as we would say the Pledge at school. I wonder, if my Grandchildren ever feel this way. Have a great trip and enjoy every moment!