Sunday, January 02, 2011

It was a great day to geocache~!

Here I am on the Grant Wood Trail just south of Springville. It is 28 degrees no wind and just a beautiful day~! I'm all bundled up and ready... The trail is hard packed snow with lots of ice.. But thankfully I have my walking stick and that helps me to keep from falling.. My friend Holly and her hubby Fred and two children wanted to go along so I picked them up on my way to Springville.. They had the same idea that I had today~ get out of the house.. My Dad used to say "Get outside and get the stink off ya"... It felt so good to be outside and looking for the treasure..

This is my friend Holly and her hubby Fred.. Notice walking sticks are very important..
Didn't see many birds or wildlife on the trail. But saw evidence with all the tracks.. It was just nice to be outside and the sun was shining so bright..

We found this cache in a birdhouse.. The name of the cache is "How Tweet It Is"... This green bottle was inside the birdhouse and it has a log sheet inside to sign your geocaching name.. Bet you can't guess what my geocache name is ~~~~ yes you are right~~~~
annieptigger ..... Fred's geocaching name is fandhcharle
It was a fun day.. Holly and Fred are fairly new at this and they really enjoyed going with me.. They want to go again sometime... Of course that is right up my alley.
Found 4 caches today and I thought that was good.. Their two children were with us Caryn and Nathan.. Caryn is 9 and Nathan is 12.. I let them use my GPS and they ran ahead of us seeing if they could find the cache before us.. They had so much fun.. On one cache they had the eagle eye,, they found the cache before us... That was good.. Now they are hooked and they want to go again sometime this week... You can geocache all over the world.. When I go to Sweden in May I'm going to have a few picked out and find them.. I have found caches in Dublin, Ireland and Viennia, Austria... On the geocaching map there are over 1,000 caches in a 25 mile radius of where we were today. If you want to go to geocaching website and check out this sport go to ~ click on getting started and it will tell you all about this sport.. It's a great way of getting outside ~ walk and get exercise..
Well, you all have a great Monday~! Ta Ta For Now~! from Iowa...


Dawn said...

I think I've said it before....I love that you geocache!!! I wish I had it in me....but I always seem to find something else i "should" be doing! I need to make time for this....looks like an adventure!!!

Nancy said...

My son does geocaching occasionally. Sounds like a real treasure hunt and alot of fun!

Love your dad's saying... that's one I'll have to remember. :)

texwisgirl said...

I'm with Nancy - had to laugh at your dad's advice. :)

That sounds like a lot of fun for you adventurous folks! Great way to feel accomplishment from your walks!

Carolina Trekker said...

Always fun to see new Geocachers on the trail. Know you all had a blast. Can't wait to see where you take them next. Call me if you need clues? haha