Friday, January 07, 2011

I counted 8 of these red beauties~!

This morning the lilac bush was just covered with Mr.& Mrs. Red Cardinal. I counted 8 males.. This picture is from the other day when the sun was shining. This morning it's very cloudy and when I took the picture it wasn't what I wanted.. So you can just imagine seeing 8 of these beauties. Last year I had maybe 2 pair.. The blue jays have doubled in their count and of course I have all the other small birds that come to the feeders.. Mr. Rooster was here this morning .. Talked with the neighbor last night, who is a advid hunter and he said that Mr. Rooster is the only male pheasant in the area.. I told him I went out and bought 50 pounds of cracked corn and black oil sunflower seeds to feed him.. He was so happy. He said he bought 6 males and female pheasants and let them lose on his farm. He said the only one left is this rooster.. Well, I'm glad I'm keeping him fed and safe.
This time of year is always a fun time.. One's life just gets rejuvenated in getting projects started, trying out new recipes, reading books, eating healthy, going on walks like me, losing weight, the list goes on and on.. With being retired and not having to work, my days seem to get very busy. Seems like I am more busy now then when I was working. But it's lots more fun than having to go to work.. I can chose what I want to do with my day... I sit in the mornings with my cup of coffee and just relax and enjoy reading all the blogs I follow. They make me laugh, some are written to where you have to think about what was written and then digest it all. I love the sheep stories with Eunice and Renny and the gal that is in the blue ridge mts. I love all the ones that put something out there to teach children how to read, color, or just do projects. Then there is the ones that put scripture and a small bible study ~ how great is that.. The pictures and videos that are put on these blogs are so entertaining. How can anyone say they are bored or get depressed this time of year. There are so many exciting things to see and do.
I was very upset yesterday when I heard that they are going to ban Huckleberry Finn through-out the USA, because of the language that was used in the book.. the word N---- was used in those days. That is just part of our history and was part of the lifestyle back in those days ..way before I was born. I'm not saying it was right but goodness to be we can not protect our children from everything.. that is what they said they wanted to do.. Protect their children.. YIKES~! then turn off the TV...don't watch those stupid soap operas.. Keep your children and yourself away from schools , malls, public places where the lanuage is do dirty and foul...I wouldn't have those words in my hand with what was just in their mouths... YUCK~! (can you tell I'm not very tolerant to foul language?) I wish these people would just be realistic and get on with their lives . Make America a better place for us and our young people. I can remember when we could leave our homes and go on a vacation and not even lock the door, didn't even have to lock your car.. I better stop here... I could go on and on..
I'm going to the neighbor's house this morning to take her some machine oil for her sewing machine, so she doesn't have to run all the way to town just for a few drops of oil.. It's always fun to talk with Sharon.. She just got some roving and a spinner from Punkin Patch in Kentucky.. She wants to spin the wool to make her own yarn.. How is exciting is that. She said we could learn how to do this together.. I told her we needed to buy some sheep and then we could put little coats on them to protect their wool and then use their wool to make things.. Oh I'm all for this new project... but you have to have good fences if you have sheep and that I do not have.
Best go,,,Have a tiggeriffic day~! ta ta for now... from Iowa... where it's a cold 18 degrees and I'm lovin it...


varunner said...

I love pictures of red cardinals in snow.
That's so cool about Mr. Rooster. I hope he hangs in there!

Home In The Hollow said...

Annie, you are a absolutely NUT! First the cardinals, then Mr Rooster (who is just so darn handsome!!!!) and now you're making little coats for the sheep after to cut off their wool!!! What have you been smoking today????...:)JP

Nancy said...

I've got 8 cats and one cardinal -- I'm lucky to have that one! :)

I saw the news the other night about Huck Finn -- I believe publishers are considering censoring the "n" word. It's used like 600+ times in the book.

How can society learn from its mistakes if it's erased like it never happened? Crazy.

rex22lbs said...

Nice picture of the Cardinal. I hope you can get a good one of the 8 in the next few days. Mark was telling me about the Huck Finn thing this morning and we agree. Have a great weekend.

Patrice said...

That's the prettiest cardinal picture! They are such a joy in the winter

Anonymous said...

The cardinals are so active during the winter months as they search for food. I saw a dozen of them in a leafless tree last Friday as it was snowing.