Thursday, January 27, 2011

My first time at making mittens..

This is my mitten.. I have the thumb to finish.. The stitches are on a stitch holder.

This is what my amaryllis looks like this morning. It's going to be so pretty. I like the variegated flower.. There is going to be 8 blooms.. With it being so white outside and cold ~ it's really nice to have something blooming inside my house.

Well, here is the mitten I have diligently been working on for a week now.. I have the mitten done and now to get the thumb completed.. Ta Da ~ my first mitten. It went pretty easy considering I tore it all out one time and had to start all over.. But that is how you learn.. I have the second one 1/2 made and it's going together a lot easier than the first one. I worked on this mitten while Dave drove us to Hampton,Iowa (2 1/2 hours) for the Iowa Plowing meeting. We stayed in a really nice Hotel.. the Americ Inn.. That is a really nice place... When we come back in August for the National Plowing matches we will all be staying in this hotel.. It has a pool, rec room, sauna, breakfast room, wifi Internet, just about everything we will be needing.. The lady that operates the lodge gave us special rates because we were going to have 40 people coming to reserve a room. I decided that since Dave and I will be there for 4 days I was going to have a suite. $90 a day that's not bad... Why not.. I have never stayed in something so big and decided this year we would do this ~ especially since the price is only $10 over a standard room. My eyes are set on that big Jacuzzi. Looks very inviting after a hot day at the plowing matches.

Talked with my friend Holly to see how Jackie and her two children were doing. Holly told me she went back to the house she was living in and packed up more of her and her girls things. She talked with Chad the guy who has been abusive and told him she would not be moving back in with him. (Yeah). The two little girls, Abbie and Emma are his girls and he wanted them to stay the night with him.. She asked the oldest girl Abbie age 5 if that was O.K. They had supper with him and the girls decided to stay the night..Chad told Jackie he quit smoking and has not had a beer since Sunday. That is good.. but she told Holly she wasn't going to move back in with him regardless.. She has goals that she has set for herself which is good. She seems to be making very good choices and with the help of Holly and her family and me I think she knows what it's like to receive genuine love now .. She has never ever had anyone truly love her.. Her family background is just awful, abusive . I just can't imagine having to live in such a family. Holly said she is waiting for us to say "We can't help you anymore".. That's not going to happen.
Goodness to be, I lost the mitten picture and tried to get it back on this page. Yikes it's the flower~! Well, I guess you'll just have to look at two pictures of the Amaryllis and one picture of my mitten.. this is so frustrating~!
Have a tiggeriffic day~! I'm going to town to get a few groceries.. We are out of everything.
It's a sunny day and 23 degrees.. We are having a heat wave...Going to feel nice when I go outside.
Ta Ta For Now from Iowa...:)


texwisgirl said...

Good for you on the progress on your mittens! And keeping my fingers crossed for Jackie...

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

I think your mitten turned out wonderfully and your amaryllis is beautiful too!!

I also love staying in a nice hotel...So to be able to spoil yourself, no matter what the occasion!

varunner said...

Mittens look so complicated!

Love your beautiful flower!

Nancy said...

Practically everyone I know knits! I'm so jealous. It looks great, Annie. Keep up the good work!

And the amaryllis is lovely. My big one bloomed over Christmas. I think I had over 8 blooms -- I got it from Brecks and they always have such good stock.

Home In The Hollow said...

Though the Amaryllis is gorgeous, I much prefer the mitten! It is absolutely awesome, Annie! Great work! Every stitch looks perfect!...:)JP

Laura~peach~ said...

THE flower is BEAUTIFUL... the mittens too cute... I can not knit...
so glad you are helping this young woman and showing her what real love is :)

Patrick Palmer said...

Thanks for staying in Hampton, Iowa AND glad you are looking forward to coming back!

Patrick Palmer
The Computer Guy
Hampton, IA

gld said...

The mitten looks great.

I can't seem to settle down to knitting. I started a hat a month go and it is still waiting for me to finish....

Glad to hear the project family is doing so well.

I will be watching for that Red Wing Blackbird...never heard that it was a sign of approaching spring.