Friday, January 21, 2011

From Revelie to Taps...all in one morning~!

This morning I got up to a rosy sky and it was so beautiful~! It was also -13 pretty cold I would say...Put on my bathrobe and shoes ~ grabbed the camera and went outside to get this picture.. Oh my goodness the cold just took one's breath away and I went back inside and put on my coat.. Yikes~! Wouldn't want to put my tongue on anything metal this morning.. You would be stuck for along time... I took the picture and turned around and there was the moon in all it's glory in the West... WOW two planets to see in a blink of the eye~! IT was an amazing site...

This was later in the morning and here is Mr. Rooster. He is so cold he is standing on one foot.. So glad I have food out for him and the wildbirds.. He was so handsome ..

Well here is the moon in the West going down while the sun is rising in the East.. Goodness to be this was so spectactular..~!
Spent most of my day in my PJ"S.. Lori the neighbor gal called and said "R you in the mood for a cup of hot tea?" I said "I'll get dressed and be right over"... Had a great time talking about girly things with Lori . I took her the receipe of the bread I made yesterday.. Garlic Pepper Baguitte... She copied it down and said she was going to make it sometime soon.. I told her I used by bread machine to make it and she showed me hers.. I told her I thought it was big enough to make that bread. That is really good bread..
This evening our church is having a all girls supper/ movie /slubbler party at Roxanne's house.(she goes to our church) I'm going for the supper and the movie and then I'm coming home.. no sleeping over for me.. That is for the young girls who can still sleep on the floor.. My bones couldn't handle sleeping on the floor. It will be a great time and the movie we will be watching is called "Old Dogs"... sounds like a fun lap slapping movie.
Have a tiggeriffic evening...ta ta for now from Iowa.. It's now 1 degree.. Warmed up from this morning... ha ha...


varunner said...

Wow, look at all your fab pics today! I love Mr. Rooster. :-)

acorn hollow said...

I love your pictures and your weather is headed our way we are suppose to get really cold. Now did you name him rooster? Because he is a pheasant. and do you have the receipe for the bread machine brea? I love using my bread machine.
stay warm

texwisgirl said...

Your photos are glorious, yes! You got your photo-loading issue fixed in the nick of time! :)

I love that beautiful pheasant!