Monday, January 03, 2011

Varunner ~ I'm walking~!~!

Varunner is a gal that I follow with her blog.. Her blog name is Two Bears Farm and the 3 Cubs.

She is getting ready to go on a 1/2 marathon in Maine.. So I decided to have a mentor in losing these 25 pounds that I want to shed before I go to Sweden in May. Varunner thanks for the motivation~!
At the end of this long driveway you can see my house..
This morning I got up 7;30 that is not too early but when you are retired you can get up when you want.. I got dressed right away because if I don't I tend to stay in my PJ's 1/2 the day. Got my coffee and ate my breakfast.. Gathered all the trash that needed to go to the burn barrel. It's a sunny day and no wind and 22 degrees.. Nice Day~!~! After I got the trash on fire I decided this would be the time to go for a walk... Across the road we have wonderful neighbors , The Starrys. ..They let me walk in their driveway because it's a long drive way and I can get my 30 minutes in without too much turning around and around.. Plus the view is so beautiful.. I took my ipod and listened to the sermon from Willow Creek Community Church in Barrington,Illinois. This morning the pastor was talking about his first child being born and it was a boy and they were going to name him William Robert.. They thought this sounded like a regal name until they really thought about what his Uncles would be calling him .. It would be Willy Bob... They immediately decided this would not be too regal so they named their baby Andrew.. I laughed when I heard this.. In Isaiah it talks about a baby is born.. Is it a boy? Is it a boy?..this is a birth announcement.
....Now imagine this statement in Isaiah: A wonderful counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace ~ it was before Jesus was born..700 years before his birth.

Jan. 1st 2011, babies announcements were being made with an announcement in our paper: On this day Caryn was born Or ~On this day Nathan was born.. What a joy this is for parents.grandparents ect. But for us when we hear the announcement in Isaiah that a baby is born.. Well, we know the rest of the story.. The baby was Jesus ~ born in a manger in Bethlehem.. to Mary and Joeseph...and he lives within our hearts now forever and ever.. Now that is a Joyous thing to have~!

This is a picture of my house as I get near the road... Most of the snow is gone. We had 10 inches and now with the melt down we had last Thursday and Friday this is what we have left.. Which is good.. Now we have room for more which I'm sure will be coming.
OHHHHH~! look who is here this morning~! After I came in the house after my walk Mr. Rooster was here.. Oh my isn't he so beautiful with the sun shining on his fine colorful feathers. Ben says he has a bloody eye.
I think pheasants are so awesome.. Just look at all the different markings and colors all over his body..
I carry my ipod to listen to but I also have a pedometer that is part of my ipod that tells me how many steps I walked.. Well I walked 2,710 steps this morning.. If one walks 2,000 steps it's one mile.. So I went a little over 1 mile.. Yeah~! for me...O.K. day 1....
If your going to lose weight they say it can't be done without the "W" word.. Walking or some kind of exercise.. Walking seems to be the easiest for me.. Plus I have a long driveway for the walking.. I have a nice road to walk on BUT I have found that I know tooo many people and as I walk on the road people are waving at me.. As they wave their cars are leaning towards the direction they are waving and that is towards me.. So I just think this driveway is best for me to walk..
Have a tiggeriffic day~!~! ta ta for now from Iowa....


texwisgirl said...

That pheasant is just so beautiful! I'm so glad he continues to visit your feeders.

Good for you on the walking! I had to laugh as I could SO see your extra-friendly neighbors' car bearing down on you! Ugh!

Laura~peach~ said...

beautiful bird and beautiful picture of your home snow and road :) so very peaceful looking :)

Dawn said...

oh yay! nothing like a good walk:)
and i love your pictures:))

varunner said...

Ha ha, good for you!!! I can't believe all that snow piled up.

That pheasant is so handsome. We don't have them here. At least not that I've ever seen.

Nancy said...

Good for you, Annie! I'm so proud of you. I really, really need to get in gear and go out for some exercise.

Maybe your posts will motivate me! :)

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

I agree, the pheasant is really beautiful, especially with all the sun on it!

It does feel good to take a walk in the cold air, doesn't it?

rex22lbs said...

Wow - keep up the good work on walking. I'm glad the Starrys let you walk in their driveway.

Joycee said...

Really enjoyed walking and talking with you today! Such a beautiful home and your words are inspiring me to get my duff off this couch this morning! It's cold but the sun is brilliant, get out and get some fresh air!

JDaniel4's Mom said...

Va Runner really is inspiring. Happy walking!