Friday, January 14, 2011

It's a great day~!

This is not what it looks like outside my daughters window at her house in Michigan... This picture was taken in May.. I can just feel the warm sunshine shining on my shoulders.. like sitting next to a warm fire..

I can't get any pictures to go from my camera or phone to my computer ~ so I'm using old photos..

Yesterday morning Dave and I went out for breakfast.. It was downright cold but that's O.k. the restaurant was very warm...Dave always likes to sit in the booth right next to the window. As we were sitting eating our breakfast an older man and woman got into their car. I noticed that their hood was not latched and it might cause them trouble when they go down the road.. So I quickly got out of my seat and ran outside and got to the car just in time. (thank goodness they were old and it took them time to get into their car).. I got their attention and told them what the problem was that I saw.. I immediately lifted their hood and got it closed tight. The lady was so thankful~! I told her no problem...I just didn't want them to have problems driving down the road. I went back into the restaurant and some of the people clapped their hands and some said "Good Job". for looking out for this older couple.. I smiled and said "Thanks"... I feel it's our job to look out for our fellow man and help them when it's needed... I love doing things for other people..
Later that morning we went to the grocery store.. There was a young mother with a toddler in her cart that was wanting fruit snacks and then when she got up the aisle he was asking for a surgary cereal. Of course this Mom was telling the toddler , (he looked like he was 4) "No".. . I just smiled because there was a man that had his own cart and when this mother wasn't looking he put those fruit snacks in her cart and the cereal.. The mom didn't even notice.. He caught my eye smiling and just laughing at what I saw.. He put his finger over his mouth and just smiled.. In other words...Shhhhhh~!
When it was time to check out , this lady was in front of me checking out her groceries.. She had all sorts of things in her cart that she hadn't put there (thanks to this man) and I just laughed and smiled.. It just made my day~! She told the clerk "I don't want these things"..and then she said because there was so many things.. "Never mind"..I'll take it all... The little boy was smiling big time..because these are all the things he wanted... Oh I just laughed.. I don't know where the man was but I'm sure he had a good time putting things in her basket without this lady knowing it... (she must of been very busy not to notice beforehand)...I have always thought this would be day and actually now I got to see it happen.
In the past when I'm at church and I see a camera just sitting on a table. I grab it and take some pictures of babies or someone I see that I think would be fun to take their picture or I take several pictures of the person who owns the camera and then I put the camera back on the table where it was.. I can only imagine what happens when the owner of the camera looks at the pictures that are on their camera, they are saying "I don't remember taking these pictures">..orrrr how did I get a picture of myself? I love doing things like this.. Have never done the grocery thing but I have thought of it and thought it would be really funny.
After grocery shopping we came home and I got all the groceries put away.. took a nap and then decided that I wanted to knit a pair of mittens.. I went upstairs to my sewing room and found my pattern and the correct knitting needles and I'm now making a pair of mittens. While I was knitting, I thought "Goodness to be I should think of next years Christmas presents to my grandchildren.. This year I made hats... next year i can make mittens to match their hats.. So now while it's cold and I'm in the mood to knit I'm going to be making mittens for my grandchildren and children . I'm inspired... I got Jodie's slippers made and a pair for her husband made and they are in the mail going to her house in Michigan. Now onto the next project ~~~ mittens for next years Christmas presents...
Well guess I best get going for now... It took me 2 hours reading all the blogs I enjoy reading, gathering all kinds of ideas. What a joy it is to read all of them and trying to leave as many comments as I can;. It makes for a shiny bright day even thou it's very cloudy.. I tell people when it's a cloudy day we have to be the sunshine.. smile big when you see people, makes them wonder what you are thinking... lol
ta ta for now...from Iowa .Have a tiggeriffic day~!~!


varunner said...

Sorry you're still having computer problems! You must hate not being able to upload pics of Ben.
Hooray for helping out that couple! :-)

Laura~peach~ said...

cant wait until the computer issue is over... love the man in the store but i cant help but always think that somehow the person probably cant afford it thats why they are notgetting the extra stuff. love the camera idea i may have to leave my camera sitting sometime and see if anything shows up on it :)

Tiggeriffic said...

This lady must of had the money because she paid for all the extra things that were put in her cart.
I think she was just not wanting her child to have all tha sugar..

Home In The Hollow said...

Annie, we are so much is crazy! When I get to the Y, I'm always lending a hand to the folks that walk with a walker, have only one arm, need a cane to stand. I help them put their coats, on/off, adjust their machines for them...whatever!! We are good people!...:)JP

texwisgirl said...

I too am hoping you can get your photo loading issue fixed. Thanks for lending some of your sunshine to me today!

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

I always hope that when I'm finally old enough to get the senior discount (not that far off) that there will be someone like you to tell me that my hood is open! :-)

That's funny about the man putting things in the cart--I've accidentally taken someone's cart before and didn't notice--A basket full of groceries can sometimes look the same no matter what's in there! :-) I hope you have a great weekend!!!

Nancy said...

It takes a special person to do the things that you do. You must have alot of self-confidence! Some of those situations could have had a poor outcome -- so glad they didn't!