Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Ben's new cat Jacob...Meow~!

This is a picture that Ben took of the cat he got for Christmas from his Dad. His name is Jacob. Ben named him after one of his friends at school. He now has a cat at his Dad's house and a dog at his Mom's house..
YES~~ I have finally figured out how to get pictures on my computer..
It's still not great but at least I have gotten this far..

Here is Ben with MaMa Nibbles ~ sitting on his new trampoline.. Tracie called me from Goodwill (a year ago) and said "Mom you won't believe what I just found... It's a MaMa Nibbles.. When she brought her home I was so surprised this BIG rabbit looks exactly like his little Nibbles right down to the ribbon on his neck.. Ben loves both Nibbles . So now MaMa Nibbles sleeps in his bed right next to him and Nibbles.. It's so cute. When he goes to bed he has MaMa Nibbles give Nibbles a hug and a kiss good night.

Next time I go to his house I'm going to video him jumping on this trampoline and bouncing with Ma ma Nibbles. Then my next learning will be how to get it on this blog.. to show you how good he is at jumping and running in place on this trampoline. He makes me tired just watching him... He is one happy boy with his new jumping trampoline.

This morning is quiet and snowing ever so slowly. Baby it's cold outside 13 degrees with a chill factor of I don't know.. at this point of the year I don't really care. I just know that to go outside one has to bundle up.. Went out this morning and fed my birds.. Oh my goodness ~ used the last black oil sunflower seed out of the big plastic tub I store it in and looked in my checkbook to see when the last time I was at the Co-op for food.. Dec.28th.. Well that 50 pound bag lasted for 3 weeks. I'll have to drive to Springville and get me another one.. I still have 25 pounds left of the cracked corn... I really enjoy watching the birds outside my window so it's just a given that I will keep feeding them. Oh my goodness the sun just came out and what a uplifting feeling that is to see.. It has been so cloudy for so long I can see how some people get so down.. WOW~! it's truly a wonderful sight to look at the sun shining against the snow. The birds are now in they even seem happy that the sun is out.. lol.
The weatherman said tomorrow morning to be prepared ~ the temperature is going to be -13..
Won't be going anywhere tomorrow during the day..Retirement is a great life~! except for the pay... not worth a toot.~!
Guess I best get dressed and go outside and enjoy the sun while it's shining.. Get my Vitamin D.. run to Springville get bird food. Stop at the library and get another good book to read and then run into Marion and buy me some more yarn .. The mittens I'm making look good and I'm going to start on the other mitten so I have a pair.. ha ha.. While I'm there I'm going to buy me some sock yarn.. I want to teach myself how to knit socks.. I've always wanted to know how to do that..all I need is a pattern..
Have a tiggeriffic day~! ta ta for now from Iowa... oh my goodness we have gone from 13 to 11 now.. That's O.K. it's wintertime and it's suppose to be that way.. Just think in 44 days it will be Spring and this will all be a memory... just like it's a memory the HOT summer we had last year..


varunner said...

Do you know - I have no clue how to post video files? If you figure it out maybe I'll get up the nerve to try it myself!

He sure is cute :-) Ben AND the cat!

texwisgirl said...

Glad you got your photo loading issue resolved! And Hurray for the Sun! It showed up here in Texas yesterday too after a week and a half of dreariness so I can relate to your joy! :)

Nancy said...

A bit of sun here too -- but bitterly cold. I'm afraid it will be coming your way, Annie. Just got my chores done outside, so I'm warming up right now.

Have a great day! said...

Snap I only worked out how to put photos on the computer last week too! Love the new addition..Jacob... he seems to be a bit of a poser!
Ben is an absolute sweetheart with an enigmatic smile.
We seem to only have one season here and it's usually grey and for Summmer well it was grey and windy last year so I'm not holding out toomuch hope this year ye. Still we did have snow and that was a first!
We have to fill up the bird feeders three or four times a day at the moment too. In fact you've reminded me that we need to buy some more feed pretty soon. Thank you. Thank you too for passing by my blog and leaving that lovely comment.
Keep smiling :)

Home In The Hollow said...

Annie, first of all I'm glad you got your pix figured out...I thought about that coming home from the Y today. Second, I've been meaning to tell you that I live the music selection you have!!! Third, Jacob is very handsome but not as much as Ben is!! Today was close to 50 but the cold is coming back soon!...:)JP

Laura~peach~ said...

adorable... and video is easy the load button is right beside the picture one... :)

rex22lbs said...

Awwww. Jacob is so cute. I'm sure he loves to run around with Ben when he's at Dad's. I love the trampoline picture - he is such a happy boy. Snowed 10 inches here yesterday and now it's suppose to get very cold.