Thursday, July 21, 2011

Tractor Camp Today~~! Safety lessons first ~and then you get to drive.

Do they look like they are having fun? Oh my goodness this afternoon we went over to Tracie's house and they had such a great time jumping on the trampoline.. There were 109 pictures taken today and it was hard to choose which ones to put on my blog.. I don't think I have ever seen two girls get along so well and be so wonderful to be around.. They are like two cub bears.. Laughing, talking about everything and just being super great~! I'm going to miss them so much when they go back home.. This evening they both asked me at the same time "Can we stay another week?".. I said "Of Course"~!
But you'll have to ask your parents.
I would love to have them another week, but will have to see what their parents say to them... I felt so honored they would want to stay another week.. LOL>

Isn't this just precious.. Dave took them to Whittier Market about 1 mile south of the house.. They bought some snacks.. I make them see on the package the serving size and then they have to get a measuring cup and measure out what a serving size looks like and they can only have that much for the day.. A bag of Chex Mix has lasted a long time now because they have to measure. Plus I make them read the calories, sugar and carbs because I have diabetes and I have to do that ~ I thought it would be good for them to at least read and beware of those kind of things.

Emily getting her tractor instructions. The girls were so cute, they listened and then did what Dave wanted them to do. He of course stayed where he was sitting but let them drive the John Deere 530 all around the yard and down to the creek and back. I loved it ~ it was fun to watch~!

Here is E.Orr. What a serious look she had on her face all through the instructions.. She loved riding the tractor and actually driving it all by herself.. Being Dave he is so overly cautious with the kids when they are on his tractors.. Which is so good.

Here are the girls riding on the fenders of the John Deere.. There are hand holds there for them to hang on to and Dave goes so slow ~ he is so careful.. Safety first is his motto..

I'm going off to bed.. We went swimming this evening and the water felt sooooo good.. The sunset was just gorgeous , I have so many pictures to show but not enough space.

Sweet dreams everyone~! Prayers to all ~! ta ta for now from Iowa:)


Laura~peach~ said...

we always loved riding on the tractors when we were little then driving them but we only got to drive them to haul hay and the like from the fields to the barn ... but to us it was mostly play....

Jill said...

I love all of your photos but really delighted in the one on the trampoline. Great capture. I think I'd like to come for a visit and learn to drive that tractor.

E. Orr's Mom said...

What fun! I'm not sure E.Orr will ever wanttocome home! Thanks for creating such a fun week for them! E. is blessed to have such a great friend in Em!