Saturday, July 30, 2011

Jumping Mexican Bean~!

Bouncing on the trampoline is so good for Ben.. Here he is resting after jumping like a Mexican bean.. He is so fun to watch ~ his little legs spring into air and he tries to spin and make funny actions with his body.. He always wants me to jump with him.. I tell him I can't get on the trampoline because of my knee.. which is true.. So I get to watch him bounce and bounce..
When he jumps in the air his hair goes into the air..

Tracie went to Massage School for massage clinic's today.. I got to be with Ben.. After breakfast he jumped and jumped on the trampoline.. We then went to the library and he got 5 books and 2 DVD's... IT was so fun, he had me sit at this little table and would go pick out a book, bring it to me and we would look at it together.. If it had a lot of words he said this one is not for me.. We would set it on the table for the librarian to put away.. He would go and get another book and we would take a look.. He ended up with 5 books. He had a great time picking out his books and I had a great time sitting and letting him look at the books he would like to have read to him. His favorite DVD"s right now are Care Bears and a DVD called The bear that snores.. It's a book made into a dvd.. He loves the book and now he loves the dvd..

After we left the library we stopped at Culvers and he got a corn dog and something to drink..

then we went to Aldi's grocery store.. He said "GranAnnie ~ I'll bet Donna would love this store"... Donna is the girl that takes care of him during the day ~ she has a daycare , but Ben says she doesn't have a daycare, she has a house... He loves Donna and she loves him...

He had me buy some Cherry Pie Filling because he wants me to make him a pie..

His other grandma "JoGram came and got him at 2 . JoGram and Pa Pa Jim are taking Ben to a family reunion in Oskalosa, Iowa tomorrow. He was excited ~ he said he was going to meet some new cousins.. I came in the house and took a nap..

Tracie called me and we went swimming at Holly's house.. It felt so good to get into the pool.. IT was 85 degrees and so nice...and warm.. I called Donna to see if she wanted to join us in the pool. She brought her sister Chris... WE had a great time floating in the pool and talking and just having a nice time gabbing ....later we went out to eat at Stone City, at a restaurant called "The General Store".. prime rib was the special for the nite and we all had prime rib.. yum was good comfort food..
Here is fly boy... So much fun to watch him jump jump on the trampoline..Great exercise and a wonderful way to get rid of the excess energy that he has,,he is a busy boy.

Church tomorrow and then we are going to meet up at the pool tomorrow after we have lunch with our families. The pool is a great place to relax and cool off from all this heat we are having.

Have a Blessed Tiggeriffic Day~! ta ta for now from Iowa:)


Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

He's so cute! I think this year for Christmas we will ask the relatives to chip in for a trampoline instead of buying the boys individual gifts. I want to get one of those with the sides on it - with 3 of them up there I think it'd be a must!

Sue from Ky. said...

Oh, for those days when simple things were such a joy for children.Our two are so wrapped up in modern day devices, it is impossible for us older folks to keep up and know what to get them, that they would use and truly enjoy. Even our time, does not seem to satisfy the any more.It's a constant I want,I want,I want, and that is so sad and painful for Grandparents to hear.

Jill said...

Ben is adorable. You can just see the joy on his face. Enjoy the pool today...sounds great!

JSpeas said...

Great pictures of Bennie....he is such a silly boy. I'm sure he will have lots of fun meeting his new cousins. Enjoy the pool and cool water.

Laura~peach~ said...

awesomeness we are thnking another trampoline for christmas... our old one finally died!

Unknown said...

My three grand daughters have a trampoline and they do all kinds of kooky things on it! He is just too handsome, Annie...:)JP

JDaniel4's Mom said...

I loved getting to see a jumping Ben. He looks like he is having the best time.