Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Having a Great Time~!

We are here visiting our daughter, Jodie. She lives in Big Rapids, Michigan. It took us 13 hours to get from Iowa to here last Friday. The traffic through Chicago was horrible.. I told Dave, goodness to be it took us 8 hours to get to Sweden via airplane.. We should be able to get back home quicker. Everyone has gone back to work. Enjoying our visit here and love being by this lake everyday. It's so wonderful to get up early and sit outside and listen to the birds, and watch the fishermen in their boats cruise slowing across the water. Not a peep from those boys.. Lots of big fish are jumping out of the water. KER-SPLASH~!~!Everything is so quiet. It's very peaceful.. What a wonderful place this would be to wake up every morning and see all this beauty.
Yesterday we went to Belding, Iowa to visit Mike and his wife Mariam. Mike graduated with Dave from High School. Dave is in the blue shirt, Mike is the one with the hat. Mariam has sunglasses on. We had such a great time .. They have a lovely house right next to a lake. They gave us a ride on the pontoon around the lake , nice houses and I would love to live on a body of water. When we got back to their house we had something to drink. The boys went to the deck to talk about old times and Mariam and I and her sister that is visiting from Missouri played Mexican Train Dominoes. It was a great time~! I love playing dominoes.

Here is Ben at the 4th of July parade in Big Rapids. He loved the parade.. When the firetrucks went by with their sirens blaring and horns honking he covered his ears. He got lots of candy . He got to have a few pieces and the rest went bye bye.. He gets sugar and look out~! He gets an attitude.. So we limit his sugar intake. He loved the parade . ~!

This is my grandson, John.He is 14 years old and I think he is so handsome. Rich and his family came up for a few days to visit Jodie.. IT was so nice. We had the whole family here together. We went swimming, boating and played in the sand. Neighbors to Jodie took the kids out on his speed boat and they got to ride on big tubes. Lots of laughing, screaming and falling off of those tubes. IT was fun to watch them go by in front of Jodie's house.. Rich has three children, John, Kelly and Emily. Lisa has one girl, Sophia. who is 5. She is such a wonderful girl and so glad that her and Rich are married..
Rich dug a big hole in the sand and was pretending that he was in China.. Silly boy.. He was asking us all what we wanted for lunch. We would call out fried rice and he would yell in the hole,, "Fried Rice".. Ragoo..Beef Mongolia, ect. It was so funny to here him. He has such a great imagination~!
Ben and Uncle Rich are making meatballs.. They had lots of fun making all kind of cool things with the sand.. They were both using their manpower imaginations with building things in the sand. Ben loves Uncle Richie.. He want to go visit Uncle Richie when we go back to Iowa.

It's time to visit with the family again and do some family fun things together.. We are going home tomorrow and get back to reality...
Have a Blessed Day~! ta ta for now from Iowa:)

Isn't this a great view? Oh I love it~!~! Having a great time with the family.


Jill said...

Sounds like you're having a wonderful time! So glad.

Laura~peach~ said...

wonderful fun... so glad you were all able to get together. :)