Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Hot Hot Hot ~! day for Horse Camp

Took the girls over to the neighbors for their Horse Riding Camp. It was already 90 degrees and Hot and Humid and hardly any wind.. Almost a suffocating feeling. Emily and E.orr were so excited~! I wanted to take so many more pictures but because of the high humidity my camera fogged over when I took it out of the car. When I came back to pick up the girls I left my camera in the back of the car where there is no AC and I was at least able to get E.Orr on her horse.. Emily was in the pool that they have there.. Oh my goodness ~ I'm so glad I signed the girls up for this because they had a really good day. They were there from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. long hot day..

Here's E-Orr putting her saddle back into the barn. She actually took it off the horse. I have pic's of that too but not enough room to put them on this sight. I'm going to make a album for the girls to take home with them to remember their visit at the farm.

Well, here's the biggest thing the girls enjoyed and guess what they are FREE to a good home.. These girls fell in love with these kittens.. E.Orr is holding her favorite. It's name is Tigger..

Ben got into the action and was holding this cat.. He loves cats. He wanted to take this one to his Dad's house ... I told him no way,, you already have a cat named Jacob. He can't have one at his Mom's house because of her dog Rocco.

Here's Emily's pick of the litter. This cats name is Sonny.

She would really like to take this cat home but I told her that it would be hard because there is already a cat at her house.. I told her it was up to what her Dad and Lisa thought. Maybe E.Orr's mom and dad will let her have her cat and take Sonny too. That way Emily can see her cat at the Orr's house.. The girls are still sleeping this morning ~ big day yesterday and hot.

We came home from the horse camp and the girls cooled down in the AC here at the house .. I went and picked up Ben and Tracie met us here at the house.. We had supper and then I went to bible study. The girls went swimming at Holly's house with Tracie and Ben.. after bible study we went to Holly's house and we went swimming too. Tracie brought the girls home.. I got home at 10 and the girls were in bed asleep.. They looked so peaceful and beautiful~!

I'm glad they are sleeping in this morning. Gives me time for some quiet time with my devotions and God.

Listened to James MacDonald ~ a pastor from Elgin, Ill.

He is a Pastor at Harvest Bible Chapel Church. He is preaching on "Bring the Glory Down".. you bring it down by reading God's word.. His sermon this last Sunday was really on fire with the Lord. If you would like to go to his website; you can watch him on a video or I download him on Itunes and listen on my Ipod. I also listen to Bill Hybels sermon that is with Willow Creek Community Church.

It's 8:30 and the girls are still snoozing.. I'm sure when they get up they are going to call their parents to see the answer for the kitties.. I have their breakfast hidden in the trees outside. This morning we are going to have pancakes, bacon and eggs.. They have to find three bags this morning.. the pancake flour in one bag and two eggs ~ one for E.orr and one for Emily.

Thought the bacon would be not good outside in this heat.. It's 80 right now with 10 mile wind.

Today I thought it would be good to go to town and see a movie..sit in the AC and enjoy the cool air. I'm having a great time with these two girls..Just wish Rich lived closer to me..

Have a Blessed Tiggeriffic Day~! ta ta for now from Iowa:)


Jill said...

I bet the girls were really thrilled to ride horses yesterday...even in the heat. Oh the joys of being young. ha! The kittens are adorable! I hope someone can keep at least one.

rex22lbs said...

Such fun they are having. I'm just glad they fell in love with the kittens and not wanting to take the horses home...... :)