Monday, July 11, 2011

Kelly has arrived~! I'm here GranAnnie~!

Here is my "Sparky Girl"...she is so beautiful~!

We are in Big Rapids, Michigan over the 4th. Here is Kelly with her Dad, Rich. He is such a great father to his 3 children. Kelly is trying to catch Minnows and caught quite a few while there.

Met Rich yesterday in Stockton, Illinois at the Subway.. It's Kelly's turn to come to GranAnnies for a week. She is such a beautiful 12 year old. I call her my "Sparky Girl". She has a older brother, John and a younger sister Emily that will be coming later in the month..

Stockton is the 1/2 mark to meet up for us to pick up the kids and swap. Rich, Kelly and I had a sub sandwich and got to have a nice visit before we parted.. Kelly played her music for me on the way back to Iowa. I told her I only listened to Christian Music but would be willing to listen to hers.. It was for the most part very good music and great to know she is listening to good music.. So proud of her .. She is such a great girl and I love her so much. I told her when it got almost dark this was when one had to watch out for deer.. We saw lots of raccoons that had made bad decisions in crossing the road and were laying dead on the road or off the road.. Poor things, laying on your back with all four legs raised for surrender is not a pretty sight.. When we drove into our driveway goodness to be,, a doe deer jumped out in front of us,, scared us and she went running for dear life across the yard. I followed her to the edge of the yard, put on my brights so we could see her. She just stood there watching us..not a scared bone in her body..

Last night we had a really bad storm.. This morning my tomatoes were layed over and I have them fastened to a pole ~ so I stood the pole back up and put it back into the ground. Some of my flowers in my garden are flattened.. I got out my clippers and snipped them off as they were broken off. Kelly and I are going out there soon to get the lawn tractor and trailer to pick up the branches and limbs that fell off the trees into the yard.. She wants to go to town later on to buy some groceries that she likes to eat. IT's going to be a grand week with her being here. I have a lady that goes to our church that is a Mary Kay girl and is going to give Kelly a facial and help her know how to take care of her skin.. Plus I told her we need to add some make up show and tell for her as she is starting to wear make-up.. Kelly was very excited about that.. She said she was even interested in going geocaching.. my ears picked up on that subject.. We will probably go to a movie later on in the week, go swimming, maybe even bowling.. who knows it's her week and I will be more than happy to do what ever she wants to do.. Memory making is the key
word here..

Have a Blessed Day~! ta ta for now from Iowa:)


Carolina Trekker said...

Awesome and Kelly are going to have a fun week. She is beautiful. HUGs for you and Kelly.

Jill said...

Kelly really is a beauty. Have a wonderful time together. She's a lucky girl to be at Grandma's for a week.