Thursday, July 21, 2011

Pancakes for Breakfast~! yum yum

Here are the girls yesterday morning after they found their Buttermilk Pancake mix in the small milk container and their eggs.. E.Orr said this was so great~! Emily loves doing this at my house and every morning it's a mystery to which tree the bags are hidden. When I was at Aldi's the other day I found this small container that looks like a minature milk carton.. the label says "Buttermilk Pancake Shake-Ups". All you add is water and shake it up.. I was very surprised the pancakes were wonderful, light fluffy and tasted very good. I'm going to buy some more and have them on the shelf.. or maybe I'll buy each one of the girls one and they can take it home and share it with their families.. It makes 20 small pancakes.. I made my homemade syrup.. 1 cup of brown sugar 1 cup of sugar (I use Splenda) and 1 cup of water put into a pan and let boil for 2 minutes.. ta da you have syrup.. IT says to put in maple flavoring but I don't... After using keep it in the fridge.. It lasts for months.. The girls liked it and thought it was better than the kind you buy. We had bacon, eggs and fresh strawberries to add to our breakfast.. E.Orr said this was a very big breakfast.

After breakfast we played Yahtzee..2 games.. E.Orr won one game and Emily won one. We also played Good Morning's a card game.. Deal out the cards to each player except the jokers, do not look at your cards.. Each player carefully puts their card face up in the middle of the play area and if the #10 is there you have to put your hands up in the air and shout Hallelujah ~ If there is a Jack you have to wave and say "Hi Jack" ~ If there is a Queen you have to put your hand on your ear lobe and say "Good Morning Queenie" If there is a King you say nothing and salute with two fingers above your eyebrow ~ If there is a Ace you slap the table. The person who is last doing this has to pick up the cards on the table.. All other cards are just cards. The person that has no cards left is the winner.. E.Orr is very good at this game she wins most of the time.. This is a fun game with lots of "Oh No's" and laughter..

We went over and picked up Tracie and went to Walmart and then had a chicken snack wrap and something to McDonalds. I just love these girls . They are so grateful for anything you do for them.. We then drove to the movie theater and saw the movie 'Monte Carlo".. Cute movie and enjoyed watching. The girls sat almost in the front seat of the theater. They had their fuzzy blankets to keep warm.. Tracie and I sat in the top row right above the girls.. It felt good to have a relaxing day for them after the hot and busy day they had yesterday out in the elements of heat and humidity. Good to get Emily out of the sun as she has a little sunburn.. not too much but enough to be ouchy..

After supper we went to Holly's to swim.. Holly's family was gone so we had the whole pool to ourselves... IT was so great.. I put my ipod in a ziplock bag and put it under my ball cap. Got a noodle and layed back and listened to James MacDonald podcast.. The girls were so cute they were making up dance routines in the pool.. Then when they were finished with getting it together they would perform for me.. We were in the pool for 3 hours.. Very relaxing ~!

When we got home Tracie was here with her computer. IT was so cute, Tracie and the girls were sharing music with each other . E.Orr has a Ipod and has lots of music on it ~ Tracie brought up her Itunes and off they went with lots of talking, sharing and singing. When it got to be 11 I went to bed.. Because of the lateness last night all this happened yesterday Wednesday.

I'll post tonight all the happenings for today... They are outside right now getting instructions from Pa Pa Dee Dee (Dave) on how to drive the John Deere 530. I'll take lots of pictures and be ready to show you their tractor driving. I'm going to hate to see them go home.. They are so delightful to have here at the house..

Have a Blessed Tiggeriffic Day~! ta ta for now from Iowa:)


Dawn said...

Pancakes!!! You can never go wrong with those:))
Must be wonderful to have them there!!!!

Jill said...

YUM! What time is breakfast tomorrow? ;)

rex22lbs said...

Sounds like another wonderful day. Enjoy!