Thursday, July 28, 2011

One more picture of the silly girls.. Aunt Tracie bought them them ICE drink from Walmart.. of course their tongues are blue again... Talked with Emily at her house this morning.. Lisa and Emily are going through all the photos and making a memory
scrap book.Emily told me she misses me so much. We had such a great time.. She said "Thanks GranAnnie">

She is such a sweetie..

Ben was being so silly.. He is pretending that he is sleeping.. I love it how he has his hands on the side of his face. What a precious child. He just glows with Jesus's love.

Ben and Rocco.. He loves his dog.. He has to hang onto Rocco or he will run away.. Nervous Nilly..

Today it's raining and a nice warm day.. Birds at feeders feeding their young babies. The Mom and Dad Cardinal are here feeding their young ones.. They are all lined up with mouths opened and ready for a meal..

I see out at the oriole feeder the babies are lined up on the picket fence. I love it~!
Ben is at Donna's house , she says the boys (3) are playing Thomas the Train.. The track is running all over.. She said they are having lots of fun. Donna is the best place for Ben.. She loves him and understands him.. When he was at the daycare in Central City he was learning how to be aggresive.. slapping, hitting, biting.. I called it an institution. He does none of this at Donna's.. Very wonderful environment for him.

Having a relaxing day today.. Going to read my book "Dreams of Joy " written by Lisa See.

First book was Shanghai Girls.. that was a very good book.. Lisa wrote this dreams of joy to follow the shanghai girls.. She is a very good writer.

Guess I best go get dressed and ready fo r the day...reading my favorite blogs, reading my book and just not doing too much today.. Have a Blessed Tiggeriffic Day~! ta ta for now from Iowa:)


Jill said...

Please let me know how you like Dreams of Joy. Ben looks so happy!

rex22lbs said...

Great pics of Bennie. He is such a silly boy. So cool the Cardinals and Orioles have babies. We have a baby red headed woodpecker. Momma feeds him peanuts and sunflower seeds. Have a great day.

sawn48 said...

i know,for me, those relaxing,peaceful moments are such a pleasure when I do find them.Enjoy!