Saturday, July 23, 2011

Pictures at the General Store in Stone City

Here are the girls in the middle of the street at Stone City, Iowa.. In the background is a beautiful stone church.. I just had to add more pictures to the post I just made that is below this one.. So you'll have to go below and take a look at those pictures too. Thanks

This is Emily ~ Aunt Tracie and E.orr

all ~Happy~Happy~Happy with lots

of hugs, giggles and chatter.. You can see the necklace that E.Orr made and the bracelet that Emily made. Very cute and looks good~!

They wanted a picture of Grandpa Dave's beer bottle.. They thought it was pretty.

Picture of the spider drop. can't see the spider because it blends in but you can see the people weren't fazed by seeing the spider.

Roasting marshmallows.. Such fun they both had doing this..

Go to next blog, more pictures and more writing on the adventures of two beautiful wonderful girls..:)


Matt Ray said...

Great pictures. It looks like you're having a blast.

Jill said...

So fun!

rex22lbs said...

Great pictures.... so glad the girls are having so much fun.

E. Orr's Mom said...

I think I want to come to Camp Grannie Annie next summer!! Elisabeth, I am missing you! Have a great day tomorrow! Love you!

A Quiet Corner said...

WoW!! I could use a big old marshmallow right about now...this house hunting is EXHAUSTING!...:)JP

JDaniel4's Mom said...

They really had the best time with you.