Saturday, July 23, 2011

Supper at the General Stone City

In Stone City, Iowa where Grant Wood the artist is well known, there is this wonderful resturant called the General Store. It really has great food and because we took Kelly here we decided this was going to be something we could take each one of the Grandchildren while they are here. We had a great time and very relaxing. The first thing after you order your drinks and order your food the hostess comes over and took Emily, E.orr and Tracie out to the balcony.. I trailed along to get pictures. She has a fishing rod with a huge plastic spider fastened onto the end.. Down below there are people eating at tables outside ~ she drops the spider down and and tries to scare the people. They weren't scared this time.. they thought it was a butterfly.
When Kelly was here a lady jumped and yelled.. The girls thought this was pretty funny.
The hostess gave each girl a huge hamburger bun and they went downstairs to where the outside eating area is and fed the big fish that are in the river. They had fun watching the big big fish jump out of the water for the bread. I took pictures from the balcony. I have so many pictures there is just not enough space here to put them all.. It was fun to watch them..

I got some vanilla ice cream and Dave wanted a bite.. The girls thought this was funny so a picture was taken of Dave opening wide to get a spoonful of ice cream... OPEN WIDE~! LOL>

The girls ate a blue sucker and I thought they should show off their beautiful blue tongues.. They are so silly.

Here's the fish jumping for the bread.

There is this iron fence surrounding The General Store. The girls thought it was funny to be on the other side of the fence to make us think they were in jail... You can see E.Orr's necklace that she made at Aunt Tracie's house earlier in the day and Emily has on her two bracelets that she made. I have close-up pictures.. They did a really great job and had so much fun with Aunt Tracie. They are all excited, Aunt Tracie is going to have them have a sleep over on Sunday night at her house.

When we got home you see a big storm brewing in the West.. I grabbed the solar lights next to the driveway and brought them inside. I gave one to the girls ~ put one in the kitchen and one in the living room.. just in case the electric went off..Solar lights are so much better than candles and a flashlight. Sure enough 15 minutes into the storm the lights went out.. I was folding clothes from the dryer and the girls showed up..
Can you come upstairs with us please? I said sure I'll be right up.. It was storming with lots of lightening , strong winds and thunder. I had the radio on to hear if there would be tornado warnings and glad their were none.. Our basement is just a hole in the ground big enough for the furnace, water heater , water softener and pressure tank. and a place for the canning jars. it's not the greatest place to go but if there is a tornado coming by that is where one needs to be.. everytime I open the basement door the girls make awful faces and say 'oooooo'. they won't take a step down those stairs.. they say 'it's creepy'. Glad we didn't have to use it last night.

I went upstairs and they were watching a movie on Aunt Tracie's laptop.. I took my library book and read for a little bit.. It was 10 and time for bed... So the girls took their solar light and went to their beds. Not sure how long the elctricity was off. They didn't get up this morning until 10. I looked at the rain gauge this morning. we almost got 3 inches of rain. No tree limbs down and everything looked well watered.

Not sure what we are going to do today. They asked Dave for a tractor ride ~ raining right now so they are watching the end of the movie that they started watching last night. I have to go to Walgreens later today and get groceries at Aldi's and WalMart. I'm sure they will to go with me.

Have a Blessed Day ~! ta ta for now from Iowa:)


Jill said...

What a fun place to go! I can tell the girls loved it.

Laura~peach~ said...

great fun it all

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

That restaurant sure sounds interesting! The girls look like they had fun!