Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sad~ Kelly is going home today~!

We are Aunt Tracie's for a craft afternoon.. She showed Kelly how to make magnets. Course Ben had to get right in there with his little fingers.. So what can you do? Let him join in and have fun... They had a great time and was very creative. I should of taken some pic's of their magnets.. oops~!
Maybe I will today..
Kelly is going home today.. I DO NOT like this idea~! We have had such a great time together.. We went swimming most of the day yesterday.. at Holly's house.. Kelly stayed , they were going to have a movie/pool party when it got dark.. They have a projector that put the movie on the side of the barn. They have pool chairs that they can set in to still be in the pool.. When I picked her up she said she had a lot of fun and the movie was good. She was freezing cold and when she got home she took a hot shower. We both went to bed tired and fell fast to sleep.

This is one of my Balitmore Orioles.. Just before I took this picture there were 6 of them on this grape feeder.. By the time I got my camera,, only one left.. IT was quite a site to see all that color in one spot..

Finally after lots of instructions Kelly got to put the hand clutch in and get the tractor started. She was so excited~! She was getting antsy because Grampa Dave was taking so much time explaining and explaining somemore.. She wanted to go go go~! But at this age she doesn't realize the importance of being safe on big tractors.. They were gone for more than an hour.. I'm sure it will be a memory she will have with her forever.

I should of had this picture first but she was very receptive to all that G-Dave had to say about being safe.

Today I will be taking her back to Stockton, Illinois to meet her Dad so she can go back to her home in Barrington, Illinois.. I will miss her greatly..~!

Rich will be bringing Kelly's sister, Emily and her friend Elizabeth Orr.. They call her Eorr... Cute m-m-? So it will be another week of another grandaughter visitng and making memories..:)

Getting ready to go to church...Have a Blessed Day, ta ta for now from Iowa:)


Jill said...

Sounds like it was a great week of making lovely memories with Kelly. Can't wait to hear what you do this week.

JSpeas said...

Good Job Kelly! Looks like she had a great time with Tracie, Bennie, Grandpa Dave and Grannie Annie!!!!!!! I'm sure she will remember this summer visit fondly.

Carolina Trekker said...

Look at Kelly shifting gears on the John Deer!! Promise me you will enlarge it, frame it and hang in over Granpa Dave's workbench?
She is so beautiful on that tractor. I clicked on the photo and it made it full screen..what fun. GO Kelly!