Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The girls made Cherry Popovers~ mmm!

Here is E.orr with the cherry popovers that she made.. all by herself.. Well, I stood next to her and helped her.. She was so proud of herself... These babies are so delicious.. I wrapped them up and she took them home to her family. I'm sure they enjoyed eating them.

Emiy is rolling out her part of the dough to make her cherry popovers. She loves baking and it was a lot of fun to show the girls how to make them.. We got Emily's wrapped up and ready for her to take to her family.. I told her to hide them or her brother John would hog them all..

We met Rich in Stockton, Illinois at 4 p.m. Emily was happy to see her Dad.. We had a sandwich at the subway and got to visit with Rich for a little bit.. The girls showed their dad the framed picture that Aunt Tracie helped them make and some photos.. They were very excited to tell him all the things that we did. We got everything into Richards car that the girls had brought to my house.. Ben went with us today to take the girls to illinois.. After we left he was not happy. He didn't realize that the girls were not riding back home with us. He wanted us to turn back around.. HE kept saying "I'll never get to see them ever~!".. turn around... " I'll not ever see them ever.." Poor thing he was just beside himself.. He really enjoyed the girls and had such a great time with them.. On the way home the sun was behind the clouds and I gave the camera to Ben. trying to get him to think about something else beside the girls..

He took these pictures of the clouds with the sun.. I thought he did a really great job.. He loved taking these pictures. He took a dozen or more pictures. It worked it tood his mind off the girls. He noticed we would be on top of a hill and then we would go down into valleys.. So he learned about hills and valleys.. It even rained and it surprised him. because he could still see the sun shining in the distance..

It's WEdnesday today, and I woke up late.. It felt good to sleep in and just relax.. The house was quiet and I really missed the girls not being here.. So I called Rich,, he said Emily was still sleeping.. that was at 10 this morning. She must of been worn out..

Picked up Ben at 3 and we went swimming at Holly's pool.. That was lots of fun.. I took him to Tracie's house at 5:30 and his Dad picked Ben up to be with him until Friday, then he comes back to his mom's house.. I feel bad for divorced kids.. back and forth back and forth. But Ben seems to have adjusted and does the change easily.

Have a Blessed Tiggeriffic Day~! ta ta for now from Iowa:)


Jill said...

Mmmm...those cherry popovers look amazing! Those pictures Ben took are fantastic!

rex22lbs said...

Awww poor Bennie. He sure does love his cousins. Great pictures and the popovers look great. The girls will have an easy time when they go to write their "What I did on summer vacation" papers this fall. So glad they had such a good time.

JDaniel4's Mom said...

The pilotage look wonderful. Glad you found something fir Ben to concentrate on. He took wonderful pictures.

Lisa @ Two Bears Farm said...

Their cherry popovers look wonderful!

Poor Ben. Pierce often has delayed reactions like that too. Must be the age.