Monday, July 18, 2011

Picking breakfast out of trees ~!

These pictures got all mixed up and it's too late to try and get them in order.. Here the girls at the wonderful toy store ... They rode these things all over the store and had so much fun.

It was so HOT today we went swimming. They

girls loved the pool and we stayed until after dark.. We got here at 7 p.m.

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This morning started off with the girls finding their breakfast hanging in the pine trees out by the soybean field. They kept coming in "We need clues".. So I told them they were hanging on really tall trees.. Then I had to go outside and play the hot and cold game.. They both enjoyed finding their bags in the trees.. They want pancakes tomorrow.. M- hang flour and a egg in a tree? After breakfast we went into town and met youngest daughter, Tracie. We went to Maidrite and had lunch.. E.Orr and Emily had never eaten here before and really enjoyed the food. They got corn dogs, fries and a drink. I gave them some money to put in their billfolds so if they wanted to buy something they wouldn't have to come to me. We went to Aldi's , Tracie and I got our stuff and they went off and bought what they wanted.. It was so cute, they paid for their own stuff and had it all in a box. I have now started buying almost all of my groceries at Aldie's now.. Can't beat boxed cereal at $1.49- whole wheat bread $1.29 strawberries 99 cents.

WE went to a toy store and the top picture shows the girls on a riding thingy.. I have one in my garage and Ben just loves it.. They rode these things all over the store. No one was in the store and the owner said that it was O.K. I bought Ben a puzzle that he could use when we are at a restaurant and a game called Tantrix.. This store had a lot of cool things~!

Went to Wallmart and Emily got her hair cut at Cost Cutters. The girl that cut her hair did a really great job.. She took 2 inches off her hair.. Of course her and E. Orr consulted each other in what kind of hair cut she was going to get.. These two girls are so sweet the way they talk with each other. Emily bought some blue crackle nail polish while we were there.. We then went to the make=up area and she bought some silver polish to go underneath the blue crackle.. I'm sure they will work on that project when we get home. They decided as we were walking through the girls clothes that they needed matching bathing suits. SO they got these adorable monkey
bathing suits.. Someone at Walmart wanted to know if they were twins.. I told them yes.. lol.

they might as well be they are so close to each other.

Ben got to come with us swimming. He was so excited.. He has gotten to be quite a water bug in this water.

Time for bed.. It's been a big busy day.. Tomorrow the girls are going to an all day horse camp. They are so delighted. I told them in the morning we will have to pack a lunch and have plenty of water for them to drink..

They went to bed already..

Have a Tiggeriffic Day~! ta ta for now from Iowa:)


acorn hollow said...

sounds like a busy day. we are in for another hot one so swiming look great.

Jill said...

Off and running having so much fun and making so many memories!

Carolina Trekker said...

See are an amazing grandmother!!! That all sounds like a barrel of monkeys...they are haveing so much fun. Do you have a Maple Tree? Hide the maple syrup for the pancakes in a maple tree? Have fun today!!!

Carolina Trekker said...

Post a picture of the girls in their monkey bathing suits? thanks!

Laura~peach~ said...

i still wanna come stay with you ... :)

rex22lbs said...

Looks like the girls are having a great time. Sounds like lots of fun stuff to come this week. Enjoy!