Friday, December 17, 2010

Yippee Yi~! Yippee Yo~!

This morning I put this huge big ear of corn on the platform feeders for the birds.. If you feed the birds of course your going to get the squirrels.. You see there is no big ear of corn in this picture.. That is because Mr. Squirrel took it up the big pine tree and hid it . Guess for another snowy day... The only squirrels I get here at my house are the cast offs from Whittier.. A small town 3/4 mile south of my house.. I think what happens: the population gets to be too many male squirrels . so these squirrels are chased out of town.. They must smell the food I have at the bird feeders because they always come here...which is O.K. because they don't stay long.. They seem to like the road and after being here for a few days they go on the road and commit suicide.. I try to tell them ahead of time this is not a good idea.. I really hate it when this happens..
I went out to my garage where I store the food for the birds and I got one ear of corn, brought it into the house and took one row of corn off the cob.. Then I took a piece of red material and tied it to the corn... It's now out there tied to a branch above the platform feeder. Now lets see if Mr. Squirrel can get a hold of this corn and drag it away.. It should be interesting.. If I see him out there I'll try and get a picture..
Today it's pretty cold, sunny and not much wind.. Had frosty ice over everything this morning and made things look like winter wonderland..
I'm sitting at my desk writing out Christmas Cards. So far I've only gotten the ones done that I have received in the mail.. But plan on getting others done today.
Hubby is off to the workout center.He's going to stop and get groceries on his way home. . I made a Apple Crisp for supper tonight.. It's cooking in the oven and smells so good. Two more servings of Chilli,,so that will be our supper.
Read my devotional today and It says we need to surrender to God..all our past regrets, present problems, future ambitions, fears,dreams,weaknesses, habits hurts and hang-ups. Put Jesus in the drivers seat and take your hands off the wheel.. Don't be afraid; nothing that is under His control can ever be out of control. Surrendered to Christ, you can handle anything life throws at you...
I remember couple years ago going to Willow Creek Community Church in Barrington, Illinois and listening to Kurt Warner, professional football player for the Cardinals. He was speaking about his faith and how God now directs his life. He said when he was younger he didn't have much faith or belief in God and God rode in the trunk of his car. Then he met his wife, Brenda and he could see that she had a relationship with God and if he wanted to have a relationship with her he had to know God just a little better. So he let God ride in the back seat.. By this time his relationship with Brenda had gotten closer and he decided to up his faith with God.. So he let God ride in the passenger seat.. He then had some set-backs in his football career and he said he just surrendered everything to God.. SO now God drives his car and he said His life got so much better. He said "Do you know how God is talking to you?" By praying and reading your bible daily and then surrendering to Him.. I will always remember hearing that from Kurt because it is so true.. What a great role model he is for our young people and for me..
Have a great day~! ta ta for now...from Iowa.....


texwisgirl said...

Tying the corn cob with the red ribbon is funny. Should make for some interesting photos if you can catch him! :)

Home In The Hollow said...

Annie, "they get chased out of town"? Are you sure you don't live near Dodge? I am still laughing at that line and can't stop! You obviously tickled my funny bone (s)...:)JP

Nancy said...

Something tells me that whole feeder will be gone by morning.

Carolina Trekker said...

Did you use a square knot?? LOL

Lynn & Dave Wythe saw a squirrel take a whole corn shock out of their garden and up a tree one day. It was fun to hear them tell about it.
Gotta love those squirrels.