Friday, December 24, 2010

My Kelsy GIrl Is Home~!

Kelsy my grandaughter who is 21 has been in Rome ~Italy since Sept. 24, 2010.. She went there for her internship for her senior year at Iowa State.. She was suppose to be home on the 19th but because of all the snow in London, at Heathrow where she was suppose to fly out of was clogged with snow.. She said it was quite an adventure.. She was so happy to be back in Iowa. We were so happy we got to be at the airport to welcome her back to the good ole USA>

Her boyfriend Cam was there to meet her too and she was especially happy to see him... He is a Senior at Iowa State too and they will both be graduating in May... It was fun to see them together once again.
After the big welcoming party they left and we did too.. Dave and I went out to breakfast and then I took him home.. I had to get my haircut at 11:30.. The gal that cuts my hair we always go out to lunch.. I just had a small bowl of soup ~ especially after having such a big breakfast. We had a great time talking and then we went to her shop and whack hair was put back in shape and oh my it feels and looks so much better. I love getting my hair cut..feels so good.
It's day before Christmas and all is well in our household.. Had a big snow last night.. The snowmobilers are having a good time on the road today.. No traffic and lots of snow on the road..Zoom Zoom~!~! Got my birds all fed this morning. I shoveled all the snow under the feeders before I filled up the feeders. My lilac bush is just covered with birds.. It's like a Christmas present from Nature.. I love the birds and they are only 12 feet from my window.. so I can watch them and see them up close.
Well, be cleaning my house today.. Make Apple Pie for tomorrow. Going to daughter, Jodie's in law's house tomorrow in Marshaltown for Chrismas dinner . Have a few gifts to wrap and of course be on my computer reading my blogs that I follow..
OHHHH ~~~ yesterday I bought myself a Christmas Present.. A webcam.. I hooked it up to my computer and then I signed up to Sykpe for free... Last night I skyped my son, Richard and got to see 3 of my grandchildren, Rich and Lisa and Lisa's daughter Sophia and Lisa's mom Pat.. I made them all hats for Christmas and they modeled the hats they had received that day. They really liked them and the hats looked so good on them.. They carried the lap top into the living room and I could see their Christmas tree.. Then they put the lap top on top of the piano and I got to sing carols with them.. Oh that was a magic moment. It was just like I was there with them.. This is going to be fun in the future..
You all have a great Christmas..~! ta ta for now from Iowa.....


TexWisGirl said...

congrats on reclaiming your granddaughter! She looks happy to be back in the arms of her boyfriend.

the webcam sounds perfect for you to visit family across the miles.

have a wonderful Christmas!

Laura~peach~ said...

what a beautiful grand daughter you have ... Love that shes made it home in time for christmas...
Love a good hair cut too and love snow AT YOUR house :) they are saying we may get some sunday
Have a wonderful christmas!!!!!

Carolina Trekker said...

Welcome Home & Happy New Year to beautiful Kels. Her dad is beaming?