Friday, December 10, 2010

Picked up Ben & Nibbles at daycare~!

Today when I picked up Ben he was so happy to see me.. It just makes my day when he is so excited to see me. He runs to me with open me big hug and a kiss and says "Hey GranAnnie".. Wove you... Almost makes me want to have tears.. Then he says "Go to Mommie's house".. I said O.K. As we left the daycare he put Nibbles in the snow and said.. "Let's take a picture.".. So I gave him my camera all set to take a picture and this is what we have, Nibbles sitting in the snow.. He picked him up and off we went to the car.. He said to Nibbles.."Wasn't that fun?".. I just love it when a child is so attached to a stuffed animal.. My oldest son, Wally loved his bear... He carried him until he went to Kindergarten and then the bear stayed home with me until he got back home.

Went to the grocery store with Ben and this grocery store has carts for children to push around the store.. Oh my goodness.. Ben was so excited. He put Nibbles in the cart and off we went.. Grape juice first.. then a big bag of carrots. I got milk and bread. Big storm is coming to Iowa tomorrow with high winds. We got a lot more things and then he put it on the counter for me to buy.. He was just beside himself , with this cart.. When we were ready to leave he put the cart back where it belonged.

When we got home,, (now I wish I had a picture of this )but I had put his sled in the back of my car and when I got the sled out of the back to put the groceries in to pull them to the house, he was really excited.. So he sat in the sled with all the groceries we had bought for his house and I pulled him to the house. Then we went back outside and I pulled him and Nibbles all around the farm with his sled . He giggled and laughed ~ he loves to be outside doesn't matter what the weather. When he was a little baby I would wrap him up and put him in a sled or wagon and pull him all over the place everyday in the wintertime. It was time to go in the house and he pulled the sled into the house.. He said to keep it warm...:)
He put on his cowboy hat and he looked so cute sitting in his barn with his tractors. I couldn't resist in taking a picture..

In his bedroom there is a mirror and he is looking in the mirror posing.. Cheese~!
I played a few Super Nintendo games with him and his MaMa had supper ready for them.. So I told him I had to go home and fix PaPa Dee Dee's supper and I would see him tomorrow. He said reluctantly O.K.

Today I got another hat made for my brother. He saw the hat I made for my sister and wanted one too. Only he didn't want the brim. So I went up and found some grey wool yarn in my plastic tub of yarn and da ta I have his hat done. So tomorrow if the roads are not too bad, I'll see if I can get to the Post Office and get his hat mailed. I love making these hats and they are so easy.
Dave and I got the lights on the tree and now it's ready to decorate.. Have to do that tomorrow..
It's time for bed and it's raining outside.. That is scary.. I hate rain in the wintertime.. it freezes and then try to drive in that, then the snow comes and covers the ice and now one has a twofold problem,,,ice under the snow.. Yikes~! Since were not going to be having a thaw soon it will be with us for quite awhile. Suppose to be 7 degrees Monday.. Welcome winter,, if you don't like what it's doing in Iowa today wait until tomorrow.. That's what I tell people.
Ta ta For now From Iowa...


Denise said...

What a lovely read this made, I smiled all the way through. You have such a sweet and handsome little grandson. Seven degrees? Oh wow, that's not nice. Stay safe and warm with that snow and ice. Thanks also for stopping by with the great tip. I will always try to remember that.

p.s. that's a lovely hat you knitted.

Home In The Hollow said...

Annie, oh I can picture him on that darn sled! How adorable that must have been. See...that's what I miss about not being close to the grandkids...I just can't talk Joe into moving back...:)JP

Nancy said...

Good on you for being so involved with your grandson. You have no idea how much these memories will mean to him later on... or maybe you do.

And the weather saying... we say that in Nebraska too. If you don't like the weather, wait a few minutes. :) Stay safe!

varunner said...

Love the pic of his Nibbles in the snow.
Reid has a stuffed sheep he is really attached to - carries it all over and HAS to sleep with it.

texwisgirl said...

Very sweet! He's a happy boy! And it's wonderful that you two get to spend such great times together!

rex22lbs said...

Hey Ben - great to see you in GranAnnie's pictures. He is such a big help with chores. I love the picture of Nibbles in the snow. He is becoming a good photographer.