Saturday, December 04, 2010

WInter snow brings a smile~!

Don't you just love it when you get the first snow and all these beautiful wildbirds swarm to your feeder? I just love cardinals, they are so brilliant in their red show off colors in the white snow..His little top notch is just standing straight up..with a big piece of corn in his mouth.. Yum Yum~!
HEY~!~! I thought these birds went south for the winter... I was so surprised in seeing this female red-wing blackbird at the feeder.. YOO-HOO~! Your suppose to be in South Carolina in my sister, Lynn's yard..

I love these nuthatches.. they are so cool coming down the tree upside down or right side up.. They are a busy bird.. His name must be "Ben".

Mr. Bluejay has his crawl full of sunflower seeds.. See the snow coming down.. makes everything look like it's in a snow globe.. The snow is so beautiful outside...we only received 3 inches..

Mr. Downey is sharing the suet with the junco.. I just love that little bit of red on back of his head.
Earlier while I was posting these pictures on my blog ~ my computer went crazy..0h my... The screen was flashing on and off and jiggling.. I couldn't close down anything.. then a noise came out of the tower sounding like an alarm going off... It scared me a lot~!~! So I calmly clicked on my security system and thank goodness it came up.. I did a virus scan and sure enough I had a huge virus....It took 20 minutes to run through everything on my computer and clean it up.. I'm back to normal now and thanks to my security system it did it's job...:)
Today I made a hat for Emily for Christmas... It turned out so cute.. Now I'm working on a hat for Kelly...I watched the movie 'Bridge to Terabithia".. Cute movie.. It is required reading at Springville Schools for the 6th graders. It was a good movie so I'm sure it is a great book.
Made Ham and Navy bean soup for supper and Apple Crisp.. It tasted so good.. I love warm/hot apples...I used Splenda and no brown sugar.. Just Splenda, oatmeal, butter to sprinkle over the apples.. Spenda works pretty good for controling the sugar levels..
You all have a great day~! ta ta for Iowa 22 degrees ~ cloudy and snow on the ground.. I love it~!


texwisgirl said...

Just lovely!!! Thanks for joining up on my blog so I could find you back! I LOVE birdies!!! Can't get enough of them!!! So I'll share as many has you have to offer! :)

Janey said...

I love these photos! Beautiful little birds. And your soup and apple crisp sound so delicious right now!

Laura~peach~ said...

beautiful pics :)

varunner said...

I just saw a cardinal yesterday. Your post reminds me that I need to fill our bird feeder - we got our first snow yesterday evening.

rex22lbs said...

Love the birds. We have a lot of juncos now. We had a little lake effect snow but all is clear for now.

Home In The Hollow said...

Annie, I can't believe you made Apple Crisp! I'm planning on making some this week after I pick up the oatmeal! I make a huge 9 x 13 and eat almost the entire thing myself!....:)JP

Dawn said...

Oh these pictures are absolutely lovely!!! I love the first one!!!! My absolute favorite:)

Have a wonderful new week!